The Myths of Home Insurance (and the Truth)

It’s difficult to define the myths of home insurance, mainly because home insurance simply isn’t talked about all that often. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of incorrect assumptions about it, and unfortunately, those assumptions are revealed after a disaster rather than before. Linda Dugan Insurance wants the people of Astoria, OR to know more about things work before it’s too late. 

You Don’t Need to Inventory Your Possessions

When you lose items for any reason covered under your home insurance policy, you’ll need to recall exactly what you had in the house in the first place. Making a full list of your possessions and keeping that list in a safe place makes it easier to get the reimbursement you need. 

You Don’t Need a Security System 

Thieves are everywhere, and they can do a lot of harm. Even if you think that your possessions simply aren’t worth taking, criminals can do expensive damage to the structure that will be difficult to repair without help. Your home insurance provider knows that a security system can do a lot for keeping them at bay, and will let their thanks be shown by keeping your rates reasonable. It’s an excellent long-term investment for everyone. 

You Can Call Your Home Insurance for Anything 

While you can call your home insurance, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the financial help you need. Home insurance doesn’t cover everything, so you may want to call someone who can walk you through what it does cover. Linda Dugan Insurance can go over the things that are most likely to happen to your home and maybe some less common scenarios that you may not have considered. Call to find out more about how our policies work if you live in Astoria, OR. 

Does it Cost More to Insure an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles can help you save some money. They don’t use gas, which is a huge cost saving. However, prior to buying one, you may wonder if it costs more to insure this type of vehicle. For the most part, it will cost more to insure an electric vehicle than a regular one. Here are two of the reasons why.

Electric Vehicles Cost More to Repair

If you are involved in an accident in your electric vehicle, it typically costs more to repair than similar damages in a regular gas vehicle. This is because the motor and battery in these types of cars are so expensive. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced, which can add up fast. Secondly, not every mechanic is trained to work on electric vehicles. As such, those who tend to charge higher labor costs because they have a skill set that not everyone else does. In turn, this causes vehicle repairs to increase.

Electric Vehicles Are More Expensive

The other reason electric vehicles cost more to insure is because they are more expensive. If one is stolen or totaled, the insurance company will have to pay more to you to replace the vehicle. Ultimately, this means that your insurance costs will be higher. This is generally the case with all vehicles; the more expensive it is, the more insurance will cost. As such, this is a factor you should keep in mind when selecting any car.

If you have recently purchased a new electric vehicle, or are in the market for one, Let Linda Dugan Insurance, serving the greater Astoria, OR area, a call today. The employees can help you find the right insurance for your vehicle at a price you can afford.

5 Home Security Steps to protect Your Home

Having home insurance coverage provides peace of mind after an incident that may have occurred due to criminal activity. While we can’t predict every kind of situation in the Astoria, OR. area, there are ways to wisely secure a home. Here at Linda Dugan Insurance we believe in informing our customers. Below are five tips for you to more securely protect your home against crime. Visit us or call 503-440-3909, and we can discuss your concerns more thoroughly.


Keep foliage trimmed back away from the house, especially around doors and windows. Opportunists look for privacy while picking a lock or breaking a window.


Have motion sensor lighting installed to deter criminals who like to work in the dark. If the neighbor’s cat keeps turning on your outside lights, they can be reset to avoid that.

Doors and Windows

Make it a firm habit to lock doors as you come inside. Check locks before you leave the house, and before bedtime. Making this a habit reduces the chances of you accidentally leaving a window open for a week.

Security Systems

Consider a security system that connects directly to rescue and safety personnel who can respond the moment there’s an incident. These systems help during home accidents, as well.

Neighborhood Connections

Hard to define but wonderful to experience is the connection to your neighbors that makes you feel safe and watched over. Be a good neighbor and build relations within your neighborhood that deter crime and strengthen communities.

At Linda Dugan Insurance we have independent agents ready to discuss your home insurance coverage. We can find discounts you may qualify for, and provide tips on home security. Serving the Astoria, OR area, we are available at 503-440-3909.

When Worlds Collide: Auto Insurance Meets Home Insurance In a Crash Through The Fence

Feel Free to Crash Through Our Door Anytime

You will not only find auto insurance coverage at Linda Dugan Insurance located in Astoria OR. In addition we underwrite life, health as well as other insurances to help protect every aspect of your life. Contact us today if you reside in Astoria OR or the surrounding areas for a quick and cost free quote.   

A Teen Crashed Through My Fence – What To Do?

It’s 3:05 am and the only reason you are still awake is because it is a nice summer night and you are trying to get your hair just right. The kids who have been racing up and down your street all summer are at it again. The skid…the screech …and the crash, not any time lapse in those dot, dot, dot’s. Oh my goodness. All of the neighbors are out in the street. One neighbor passed the three teens as two held the wobbly legged one in between them. As they arrived close to the corner home all drew a sigh of relief that the teens made it out of the crash alive. The car sitting on the lawn twisted and broken with pieces of the fence sticking out of it was impressive.

When these two worlds collide  – the home and car insurance worlds – it is the best time to speak with an agent. Surely the wayward teen’s insurance should pay for the broken fence or initiate the claim.  In this case the home insurance would be better since the teen abandoned the rental vehicle it became a criminal matter. 

The only way to find out what is on your policy is to discuss it with your agent. Linda Dugan Insurance is never too busy to help you find the answers to all of your insurance questions. 

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Because you’re so busy, it can be hard to keep your car clean. In Astoria, OR, the agents at Linda Dugan Insurance understand that keeping your vehicle clean can be manageable with a few quick tips.

Keep Microfiber Cloths Handy

Microfiber cloths are great for picking up dust. Keep one or two in the glove compartment or storage area in your vehicle. Wipe down the dashboard, steering column, radio controls, and the speedometer glass. Water isn’t necessary unless the layer of dust is extremely thick. This should be done at least once a week to avoid buildup.

Microfiber cloths can also be used to clean the inside of the windshield. After a time, the inner side of the windshield harbors a thin layer of film. This film should be cleaned every two weeks or sooner. Spray a small amount of either water or window cleaner on the cloth and clean the surface. This is also a good time to clean the review mirror.

Wet Wipes and Cotton Swabs

Keeping a small container of wet wipes can help you clean a liquid spill quickly. Of course, this is a temporary measure. If you spill coffee, the wipes can absorb some of the moisture immediately. You may need to go back later and catch some of the spillage that seeped into an area that is hard to reach.

You can purchase a travel size package of cotton swabs for your vehicle. They are useful when you need to clean out tiny hard-to-reach crevices, such as the corners of the cup holders or beneath the parking brake. Soak the tip with cleaning fluid and rub the stained areas.

At Linda Dugan Insurance, the independent agents in Astoria, OR can help adjust your current auto policy or start a new one.


Switching Home Insurnace Companies

There comes a time in the course of every homeowner’s life that they consider switching their home insurance coverage. There are some tips that can help you determine if it is time for a switch or just time to change your policy. If you are thinking of a switch and you live in the Astoria, OR area, the agents with Linda Dugan Insurance can help you change your policy to fit your specific needs.

So what might prompt a homeowner to change their insurance policy or their insurance company? The first thing is often going to be the cost of premiums each year. High premiums are almost always the deciding factor when it comes to changing companies. The real issue is figuring out if the change in premiums is worth the change in coverage.

In many cases, companies will offer lower premiums to newer customers. This means that changing your company might save you some money here and there. This, however, might not be the best thing to do as these lower costs nearly always fall off after you have been with the company for a long period. You also have to consider that being with a company for a longer period increases loyalty and also helps to increase the likelihood that you have a dedicated agent or that the insurance agency knows about your policy.

You also need to consider the fact that switching often to save a few dollars here and there on your policy might hurt your chances of a smooth transaction if you do have a claim. For all your questions if you live in the Astoria, OR area, the agents with Linda Dugan Insurance can better explain and help you make a switch if you so choose.  

3 Benefits of Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance is a matter that affects all motorists universally. No matter what type of vehicle you have or how skilled of a drive you may be, auto insurance will still play a major factor in your ability to drive and maintain a vehicle. That said, the following is a closer look at three benefits of purchasing auto insurance. 

Lawsuit Avoidance

Firstly, one of the top benefits of having auto insurance is that it helps you avoid very costly lawsuits. If you are involved in an accident without coverage, you could be on the hook for thousands or maybe even millions! Purchase a high-quality lawsuit to avoid such things. 

Peace of Mind

In addition to that, maintaining an auto policy provides us with peace of mind. The road can be a scary place. This fear will only be magnified if you are driving without coverage. However, by purchasing an auto insurance policy, you will feel that much more confident while on the road. 

Protect your Health

Lastly, another top benefit of auto insurance is protecting your health. Given that there is always the potential of a serious accident occurring, auto insurance policies help by providing monies for medical bills and other things necessary for recovery.

Overall, if you need auto insurance in Astoria, OR, Linda Dugan Insurance is the way to go. No matter how much or how little coverage you want to purchase, Linda Dugan Insurance can create a custom package perfect to suit your insurance-related needs! Never get caught without insurance in Astoria, OR, call Linda Dugan today to start your policy and hopefully save some money! 

Will Auto Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Some Oregon motorists mistakenly believe all auto insurance plans pay for repairs to any kind of damage. The truth is that many policies only cover traffic accidents. If you want an insurer to pay for vandalism-related losses, you’ll need to buy extra coverage. You may be required to purchase it in some situations.

Comprehensive policies cover a variety of non-collision damage. In addition to vandalism, they often compensate drivers for losses linked to fires, hail, flooding or theft. Motorists usually buy this type of coverage in combination with collision insurance. It frequently appeals to owners of fairly recent or high-value vehicles. As with any insurance plan, actual compensation varies depending on the policy terms and the results of an insurer’s investigation.

Is it Required?

Oregon state law only calls for motorists to obtain liability coverage. However, the terms of some auto loans require drivers to purchase comprehensive insurance. Banks, credit unions and other lenders want to fully protect the value of borrowers’ cars. They know that it can become difficult to recover the borrowed funds if a storm, fire or vandals heavily damage a vehicle without the right coverage.

Making a Claim

Astoria, OR motorists should report car vandalism to the local authorities as soon as possible. Insurers normally want to see police reports before they pay for repairs. It’s wise to take photos and contact the insurer before visiting a repair shop. Drivers ought to take steps to prevent additional damage, such as protecting broken windows with plastic.

If you need comprehensive auto coverage at affordable rates, turn to the friendly insurance experts at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria OR. This independent agency finds the best prices and most suitable policies for local motorists. To learn more and compare quotes, please call the Linda Dugan Insurance office at 503-440-3909.

Updating Your Home Insurance: Better Coverage, Better Lives

Having more coverage when it comes to home insurance can sometimes just feel like you’re just having more money taken out of your wallet. Days go by and everything remains status quo, and you start thinking that there’s no reason to plan for the worst because it will never actually happen to you. But this mentality has left too many people in Astoria, OR feeling foolish. Linda Dugan Insurance wants you to have more information about how updating can be your true savior when it comes to emergencies. 

Understanding the Role of Home Insurance 

Your policy is in place to protect you against practically every even that may occur on your property. From a stray dog destroying your expensive shrubs and garden, to your own dog ruining an antique dresser. However, every policy is different, and may not reflect the same needs you have when you first moved into the house.The more you find out about what’s actually in the clauses of your policy, the better you’ll feel about the amount of threats out there. Your home isn’t just something that you bought without research, so it’s important that your home insurance be given the same careful consideration. 

Call Someone Who Knows 

To update your policy, you’ll want to talk to someone who understands the nuances of each event. There may be provisions that can help you more than you think. Home insurance keeps you ready both emotionally and financially, and Linda Dugan Insurance has proudly contributed to that peace of mind for the people of Astoria, OR. If you’re interested in updating your coverage, then now is the time to chat with us. The agents here are ready to answer your questions and get you a policy that protects everything that’s worth protecting, so call today! 

Tips for Packing to Make Moving a Breeze

It would be difficult to find someone that actually enjoys the packing, moving, and unpacking process but with a bit of extra planning, you can make everything a bit easier on yourself. It may take some extra time in the beginning but it will definitely save you some time when you are moving and unpacking for your new home in Astoria, OR. Use these tips from Linda Dugan Insurance during your packing process:

  • Color code your boxes. When you are packing, you should use different colors for each room and put these colors on the boxes. Then, when you are moving, you can make sure the boxes that go in specific rooms are placed in there. When you go to unpack them, all of the boxes in that room will be there for you.
  • Keep a detailed inventory. You should also number the boxes and keep a detailed inventory list of everything that is in those boxes. When you are looking for a specific item, you can go to your list and quickly find the box it is in. 
  • Pack a box for the first night. You will be very tired after moving but you will still likely want to get clean and sleep in your bed. Make sure you pack everything you need for your first night in one box so you can get a good night of sleep.

Another step of moving that you need to complete is finding a great home insurance policy for your new home. Whether you have one in place or not, it is worth your time to contact Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR. They can take a look at some different policy options as well as help you find something that fits within your budget. Contact them today to learn more.