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Other Oregon and Washington Insurance Options

HEALTH INSURANCE: Linda Dugan is a Federal affiliated agent and can help you find the best health insurance rates in Oregon.

While you have insurance policies for your home, car, life, and other primary areas, it may not be enough. There are plenty of other areas that you may require insurance, especially when you consider the cost of something happening to your boat, RV, or other item.

In Clatsop Co., Tillamook Co., S.W. Washington or other areas of Oregon and Washington, it is quite common for owners to purchase insurance for the following items, in order to protect their investment(s):

  • Umbrella Insurance: This type of insurance extends coverage beyond the limit of your home, car, and watercraft policies. With an additional one to five million in coverage, your family could have additional liability protection that is relatively inexpensive.
  • Flood Insurance: Protecting your home, business and personal or business property from flood is not included in your property and casualty insurance policy. You can obtain a flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) at Linda Dugan Insurance.
  • RV Insurance: Protecting such an investment is integral for any RV owner. Whether you’re a vacationer or a full-time RV user, you can obtain insurance for the vehicle as well as the users and valuables on a trip. It can also extend to campers, travel trailers, and similar items.
  • Boat Insurance: For seafarers or those looking for some summer fun, you’ll want to safeguard this important asset. Liability and physical damage, as well as other types of protection, are common here as in other types of insurance.
  • Toy Insurance: Do you have a motorcycle, recreational vehicle, golf cart, snowmobile, sand rail, or other vehicle that doesn’t fit in another category? There is a good chance that it fits here, with a policy that can protect your vehicle or “toy” of choice.

If you are in need of insurance that falls into these categories, consider an independent agency like Linda Dugan Insurance. Always accessible to answer questions and to design a custom policy for the client’s needs, this is a strong choice for obtaining insurance needs.

Choosing an independent agent like Linda Dugan is not just advantageous in terms of knowledge and experience. As opposed to a conventional (or “captive”) agent, an independent agent does not only do business with one company. An agent like Linda Dugan has connections with many insurance companies – which equal better rates.

Compare insurance quotes for any need that you may have with an independent insurance agent. By choosing one like Linda Dugan Insurance, you can save money while getting the advice you need – with an agent who knows the local insurance aspects present in Oregon and Washington.