What is Covered by Home Insurance in Longview, WA

Working with a home insurance company to find the best rates and coverage for your property can be a good choice, but when you are not sure about your options and coverage, it can also be confusing. Before you buy a new policy, it is important to pay attention to the coverage so that you can get the best option for your needs.

Common Risks

Generally, homeowners insurance will cover against the most common risks that are associated with any particular property. For example, homeowner’s policies will usually cover against fires, theft or certain natural disasters like a hail storm.

The common risks that are covered can vary based on the policy, but you should have coverage for most situations that can arise. Keep in mind that some policies will not cover against floods or earthquakes, so you may need to purchase additional coverage for those potential concerns.

Personal Belongings

Coverage for personal belongings can vary based on the situation and the type of policy that you purchased. Some plans will cover the full cost of your personal belongings or the replacement value of the item as long as the total does not exceed the limit. Usually, the limit is around 50 to 70 percent of the total limit.

Although some plans will pay for the full replacement value, other policies may pay for the market value of the item. The market value is the cost of the item after subtracting depreciation rates.

There are a variety of items that are covered under a homeowner’s plan, but the basic coverage will usually protect against perils and the loss of property when the problem is beyond your personal control. To learn more about protecting your assets, contact us to talk to an agent today.

Linda Dugan Insurance Agency in Longview, WA

Insurance is a necessity, not a luxury. Having the proper insurance can protect you and your family members if something goes wrong with your home, your car, your apartment, or your other vehicle. Yet shopping for insurance can be difficult, because there are so many options.

Sometimes, insurance agencies will try to convince you to buy more coverage than you really need so that you give them more of your money. This is an unscrupulous and unfair practice that works because many homeowner’s or drivers don’t know what level of insurance they really need.

As independent insurance agents, the team at Linda Dugan Insurance Agency places a high value on providing the best level of customer service. We seek quotes from many different insurers before matching you with the best insurance coverage at the right price. We work with our customers to provide the right amount and type of insurance in a professional manner. Our agents are happy to explain terms, coverage levels, and exceptions to you so that you really understand what you are purchasing.

We offer an online price quote form that allows you to receive a detailed quote for homeowner’s, auto, or a bundled homeowner’s and auto insurance package. Complete the online form by selecting the type of insurance and your zip code. Then, receive several quotes and compare them to determine what level of coverage meets your needs. Our insurance agents can provide additional information if you need it.

At Linda Dugan Insurance Agency, we offer many different options of home owner’s and automobile insurance in the Longview, WA area. We can quickly and easily provide you with an insurance quote for any of our services. Contact us today to get the coverage you need at a competitive rate.