5 Benefits of home insurance in Astoria, OR

Buying a new home can be stressful. In addition to being a substantial financial commitment, owning a home is also a lot of work. Home insurance ensures your investment is protected and

Linda Dugan Insurance is ready to help. The agency can create a personalized home insurance policy that’s right for you. Located in Astoria, OR, our agency offers five reasons to carry home insurance.

Covers primary dwelling

Protect your home. This is the main role of insurance. If damage occurs, home insurance will reimburse for repair and replacement costs. Each policy will list what events are included. Review these with your agent.

Covers other structures

This protection reaches other parts of your property too. Garages, sheds, decks, fences, and other detached structures are also likely protected. Again, please consult your specific policy to understand its coverage limits better.

Protects belongings

What’s on the inside matters too. Your personal possessions are shielded from damage, destruction, or theft with home insurance. Appliances, electronics, furniture, and any other valuables are covered. Conduct a home inventory to assess the value of these items.

Provides liability protection

Liability is included in almost every insurance policy. This applies to any incident or accident on your property where you are found to be at fault or legally responsible. With this protection, legal fees and medical payments could be reimbursed.

Provides loss of use coverage

Prepare for the worst. This kicks in if a major accident or natural disaster forces you from your home. Loss of use casts a safety net over any costs associated with relocating temporarily. These added living costs include food, hotels, or even increased travel.

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What’s not covered by an auto insurance policy?

Most would agree that auto insurance provides drivers with many necessary benefits and protection. It covers many different situations, from liability and injury to property damage and many other areas. Conversely, specific situations and circumstances wouldn’t be covered by auto insurance. Linda Dugan Insurance agency takes pride in educating Astoria, OR residents about auto insurance and what’s not covered under a standard auto insurance policy. Our group at Linda Dugan Insurance is committed to eliminating any confusion associated with auto insurance. 

Natural Disasters

Damage to your car sustained due to a natural disaster isn’t typically covered under your auto insurance policy. Damage from natural disasters is typically covered under an insurance policy designed specifically for natural disasters, renters, or homeowners insurance. For example, auto insurance doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle from hail, flooding, and other severe weather conditions.

Personal Possessions Inside of Your Car

Auto insurance won’t cover damage to the possessions inside of your car as a result of an accident or some other situation. Typically, renters insurance, homeowners, or other specific insurance designed for the circumstance would cover the damage.

Commercial Use

A personal auto insurance policy will not cover damage sustained by your vehicle due to commercial use. Business insurance would be the appropriate coverage for a car used for commercial business. 

Normal Wear and Tear/Maintenance and Auto Accessories 

Most of us understand that auto insurance will not cover damage or issues from normal wear and tear or your vehicle’s recommended maintenance. 
Auto accessories aren’t considered part of the covered costs associated with auto insurance. Auto accessories must be purchased and maintained independently of auto insurance. 

Intentional Damage/Injury

Intentional damage to your car and intentional injury isn’t covered by auto insurance. Liability auto insurance provides coverage for injury or damage to another driver’s car. Understanding what your auto insurance will and will not cover is essential. Our agents at Linda Dugan Insurance company are invested in helping Astoria, OR drivers understand what’s covered. Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions.