Get the right policy for your Recreational Vehicle

RV’s come in many shapes and sizes, and the insurance available on them is also varied.  Many automotive insurance polices can be extended to cover your recreational vehicles.  Linda Dugan Insurance, in Astoria, OR, can help you find the best policy to fit your situation.

RV’s can get very expensive, so it is a good idea to protect your investment. Generally liability coverage is standard, but for a lot of RV’s comprehensive and collision are also available. Contents coverage is also something to consider as well.

Motor homes are the largest type, but they usu ally have their own policy. To qualify as a motor home, the vehicle must have attached cooking appliances, refrigeration, bathroom, heating, a water supply system and standard electrical outlets.

Smaller campers, like popup campers, are towed by another vehicle and do not have their own power. To qualify these trailers must have a sleeping area and cooking facilities.

Homemade campers, which might be even smaller, would fall under another specialized policy.

If you are driving a motor home, you must have liability, just as you would with an automobile or any other self propelled vehicle.

It gets a little more complicated with trailers, but again liability coverage is always a good idea.  Comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as roadside assistance, are also options to consider.

Don’t just assume your automotive policy will cover the trailer it is pulling. Contact Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR to find out more about getting your camper or RV the coverage it needs. If you already have insurance with us, and are getting a new camper of any kind, come visit us to make sure your policy is up to date and that you have the correct coverage for your situation.

Homeowners’ Insurance Doesn’t Include Flood Protection

If you are in the market to purchase insurance protection for your home, it is important to note that flood protection does not come with your homeowners’ insurance policy. You must purchase a separate flood insurance policy to get the protection you need.

Flood Protection

If you live in or around Astoria, OR, you should know that you have options when it comes to protecting your home with insurance products. In addition to the protection you buy with homeowners’ insurance, you should also purchase flood insurance protection. Flood insurance covers instances and events such as floods caused by plumbing malfunctions and excessive flooding caused by storms. Without flood insurance, you leave your home and valuable at risk. Floods can happen unexpectedly, and if you don’t have the coverage you may stand to lose your home and its contents. In the state of Oregon, some lenders may also require you to have flood insurance depending on the area you live in and certain other factors such as elevation and proximity to bodies of water.

Obtaining Flood Insurance

When purchasing flood insurance, use a company that will help you get the coverage you need and explains all the terms and conditions completely. Linda Dugan Insurance serves Astoria, OR, and looks forward to helping you get the flood insurance protection you need. Call or stop by the office today to get more information on flood insurance and for pricing information.

Floods are one of the biggest hazards that homeowners’ face. It is important to know that homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood incidents. Protect your investment by obtaining flood insurance and give yourself peace of mind.