Updating Your Home Insurance: Better Coverage, Better Lives

Having more coverage when it comes to home insurance can sometimes just feel like you’re just having more money taken out of your wallet. Days go by and everything remains status quo, and you start thinking that there’s no reason to plan for the worst because it will never actually happen to you. But this mentality has left too many people in Astoria, OR feeling foolish. Linda Dugan Insurance wants you to have more information about how updating can be your true savior when it comes to emergencies. 

Understanding the Role of Home Insurance 

Your policy is in place to protect you against practically every even that may occur on your property. From a stray dog destroying your expensive shrubs and garden, to your own dog ruining an antique dresser. However, every policy is different, and may not reflect the same needs you have when you first moved into the house.The more you find out about what’s actually in the clauses of your policy, the better you’ll feel about the amount of threats out there. Your home isn’t just something that you bought without research, so it’s important that your home insurance be given the same careful consideration. 

Call Someone Who Knows 

To update your policy, you’ll want to talk to someone who understands the nuances of each event. There may be provisions that can help you more than you think. Home insurance keeps you ready both emotionally and financially, and Linda Dugan Insurance has proudly contributed to that peace of mind for the people of Astoria, OR. If you’re interested in updating your coverage, then now is the time to chat with us. The agents here are ready to answer your questions and get you a policy that protects everything that’s worth protecting, so call today! 

Tips for Packing to Make Moving a Breeze

It would be difficult to find someone that actually enjoys the packing, moving, and unpacking process but with a bit of extra planning, you can make everything a bit easier on yourself. It may take some extra time in the beginning but it will definitely save you some time when you are moving and unpacking for your new home in Astoria, OR. Use these tips from Linda Dugan Insurance during your packing process:

  • Color code your boxes. When you are packing, you should use different colors for each room and put these colors on the boxes. Then, when you are moving, you can make sure the boxes that go in specific rooms are placed in there. When you go to unpack them, all of the boxes in that room will be there for you.
  • Keep a detailed inventory. You should also number the boxes and keep a detailed inventory list of everything that is in those boxes. When you are looking for a specific item, you can go to your list and quickly find the box it is in. 
  • Pack a box for the first night. You will be very tired after moving but you will still likely want to get clean and sleep in your bed. Make sure you pack everything you need for your first night in one box so you can get a good night of sleep.

Another step of moving that you need to complete is finding a great home insurance policy for your new home. Whether you have one in place or not, it is worth your time to contact Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR. They can take a look at some different policy options as well as help you find something that fits within your budget. Contact them today to learn more.