Auto Insurance Coverage Options in Oregon

By law, all Astoria, OR drivers must carry auto insurance. Having auto insurance protects you and your vehicle in the event of an accident or theft. Like homeowners insurance coverage, it is possible to customize auto insurance by selecting the different coverage options available. Additional information about coverage options available in Oregon is available by calling Linda Dugan Insurance. 

Required Auto Insurance

Drivers in Oregon are required to carry auto insurance, and it mandates the minimum coverage all drivers must have. Below are details about the minimum insurance coverage required in Oregon: 

  • Liability Coverage: Covers the other driver’s medical expenses and property damage in the accident when you are at fault. 
  • Personal Injury Protection: Covers some of your medical expenses from an accident, regardless of who was at fault. 
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Covers damage caused when hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. 

Optional Coverage

Of course, you must carry the minimum insurance coverage set forth by Oregon law, but other coverage options are available to help provide additional coverage. These different options make it possible to customize your insurance coverage, providing you the protection you and your vehicle need. Some optional insurance coverage available in Oregon include: 

  • Collision Coverage: Helps pay for your own vehicle’s damage caused by an accident that was your fault. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers damage to your car not caused by an accident but by other incidents, such as fire, floods, storms, and hail. 
  • Higher Bodily Injury Limits: Standard auto insurance limits what it covers, and adding higher bodily injury limits provides additional coverage for medical bills.
  • Higher Property Damage Limits: Like higher bodily injury limits, this add-on coverage increases the amount paid for property damage. 

Ensure you have enough auto insurance coverage for your vehicle in Astoria, OR. Call the agents at Linda Dugan Insurance today to learn more about auto insurance options available in Oregon. 

Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

If you need auto insurance in Astoria, OR, you must first start by knowing some commonly used terms. This way, Linda Dugan Insurance will help you choose the right type of auto insurance you need.

If you don’t work in the insurance industry, you might feel confused when some of these terms are thrown around. Does it mean that you need to know every term related to auto insurance? Of course not. What you need to know are the most common and important terms.

Why these terms? You won’t know if you have the right coverage or getting the right deal if you don’t understand them.

1. Deductible

An auto insurance deductible refers to the amount of money your will pay to cover car damage before the insurance company pays your claim. A good example is where you file a claim of $1000 but have a deductible or $300. This means the insurance company will only pay $700.

However, there are several facts you need to know about auto insurance deductibles. They include: 

  • Not every type of auto insurance attracts a deductible
  • The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums
  • A deductible is mandatory if you’re the at-fault driver

2. Premiums

If you’re buying auto insurance, this is a term you must know.

The only reason your insurer pays your claim is that you pay for the coverage. The payment could be monthly, after six months, or annually.

The amount you pay as the premium will vary depending on different factors. They include:

  • How long you drive
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Your driving record
  • Type of auto insurance coverage

Learn More About Auto Insurance

There you have it! Two basic terms that you must know before buying auto insurance in Astoria, OR. However, you need to go into details and know how these values are determined. Linda Dugan Insurance is your reliable partner when purchasing auto insurance. Check out our website to learn more about these terms and many others.

Why add comprehensive and collision to the state minimum required insurance?

When you purchase your state minimum auto insurance from Linda Dugan Insurance, you protect yourself from liability if you cause an accident on the road. But we want Astoria, OR residents to understand why they need the elective coverages, too, like comprehensive and collision.

When you add comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy, you protect your vehicle and your investment. The state requires you to carry insurance that protects the other people on the road, but comprehensive and collision insurance protects you. It pays you to repair or replace your vehicle when it incurs damage.

Let’s say your vehicle gets struck by lightning. Your comprehensive coverage pays for that as an act of God. Many of the named perils in insurance policies are called “acts of God.” It simply means occurrences for which the insured could not have planned. Since you cannot sue the lightning as you could if someone had struck your vehicle, the insurance pays for the repairs needed. Other perils typically included in this type of coverage include hail, wind, hurricane, wildfire, and earthquake.

Collision covers repair or replacement of your vehicle if you hit a mailbox, fence, etc. Although it was your error in driving, the insurance still pays.
Adding these two types of policy coverage typically constitutes full coverage. You might also want to add a few other coverages though. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection  (PIP), and rental car coverage all prove very useful if you have an accident.

Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage helps you pay for repairs or replacement of your vehicle if the person at fault for the accident did not have insurance or had too little coverage.

PIP coverage helps pay your medical bills if the person at fault for the accident did not have insurance or if you caused an accident in which you or your vehicle’s passengers incurred injuries. If you hit a tree, your collision covers the damage to the car, but not your medical bills. PIP covers medical bills.

Rental car coverage pays for your rental car while your vehicle undergoes repairs or you wait for the insurance money to purchase a new vehicle. The coverage usually includes a time limit, such as a week, but you can increase that by adding coverage. This does increase the premium.

Contact Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR for more information on the importance of full coverage auto insurance. Let us help you create the auto insurance policy that serves all of your needs.

The best auto insurance options for motorists in Oregon

If you are a motorist in Oregon, it is the law that you must have at least a liability auto insurance coverage. The minimum amount of insurance each driver must obtain is $25,000 per person for bodily injury and property damage liability, including $50,000 per crash for bodily injury to others and $20,000 per crash for damage to other people’s property. You must have at least $15,000 per person of personal injury protection and uninsured motorist insurance in the amount of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per crash for bodily injury but what other coverage options are available to Oregon drivers?

Collision insurance

Collision insurance is a level of auto insurance that includes coverage for repairs to your vehicle they may need to be made if you were involved in a traffic accident, no matter who is at fault. This type of coverage also covers property damage and any damage to the vehicle that is a result of the collision with other things besides someone’s vehicle on the road, such as trees, poles, and buildings. If your car is declared totaled by the auto insurance company, this type of coverage may provide a replacement vehicle of the same market value or a nice down payment for another vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage will replace your vehicle if it is stolen or it is damaged by a natural disaster, such as a tornado, hurricane, or hail storm. This also includes damages sustained by your vehicle due to vandalism after a police report is filed.

These are just basic insurance categories and you can work with your trusted and experienced auto insurance agent to create the very best policy for you and your situation. She or he will have the skills and database to find the best insurance options for you so that you can drive with confidence and the peace of mind you deserve.

The staff and insurance agents at the Linda Dugan Insurance Agency in Astoria, OR are ready to serve you and all of your auto insurance needs by connecting you with the best insurance options in Oregon. Call for an appointment today!

Choosing an auto insurance deductible

One of the most important aspects of an auto insurance policy is the decision regarding how costs will be shared to pay for damage to the vehicle. This is generally factored into the deductible amount in every car insurance policy. Linda Dugan Insurance provides these services to the Astoria, OR area. 

The differences in deductibles

After a vehicle is involved in an accident and repairs must be made, the deductible essentially functions as an agreement between the driver and the insurance company about how costs will be divided. As a general rule, drivers who are willing to pay more after an accident happens should choose a higher deductible, while those who want to pay little or nothing out of pocket should go for a policy with a lower deductible. Policies with lower deductibles will usually have higher initial costs for the consumer. Usually, drivers with newer or more expensive cars generally want to have lower deductibles in most cases, while those with cars that start to become older and more worn will be less concerned with minor damage or the possibility of a car becoming a total loss after an accident. 

You deductible is also important because collision insurance is required if a car is financed by a bank or a loan. This means that every driver who has a loan must also have collision insurance and figure out what kind of deductible will work best for them. 

Talk with an auto insurance expert today

Contact an agent at Linda Dugan Insurance who serves Astoria, OR area for more information. They can tell you more about choosing a deductible or answer any more questions you may have about car insurance. 

Why insurance needs differ for teenage drivers

Teenage drivers are still learning the ropes of safe driving and vehicle maintenance. Because of this, it only makes sense that their coverage needs will differ from their adult counterparts. The team at Linda Dugan Insurance understands how important it is to protect the younger drivers in the greater Astoria OR area, and we are here to help! We understand what it takes to keep your teenagers safe and your family protected from the liability that can occur.

Why insurance needs differ for teenage drivers    

Teenagers are teenagers, and they aren’t always as cautious as they need to be. In many instances, they can be easily distracted, and they just don’t have the experience that can help them to overcome these challenges. When you have a teen driver on your family policy you will want to make sure that you have adequate coverage for dents and dings that can occur with inexperienced drivers. It is also a great idea to look into roadside assistance features as you will want to make sure that are able to get help in a timely fashion in the event of an accident or mishap. Teen drivers aren’t bad drivers, they’re just inexperienced. With time their driving skills will improve, but in the meantime, it is important to protect them and keep your family safe from liability issues. The right auto policy will take all of these factors into consideration and provide the right type of coverage at appropriate protection levels. 

Want to find out more about your options for a family auto insurance policy that covers teenage drivers? Call or stop by Linda Dugan Insurance today, we are here to answer any insurance questions that you may have about teen drivers in the greater Astoria, OR area.

Auto Loan Amount VS. Insured Amount — How Much Coverage Do I Need?,

Trying to understand your Astoria, OR home loan amounts and insurance policy amounts can be difficult, and trying to determine the difference between what your auto loan amounts and insured amounts are can be tricky, too. At Linda Dugan Insurance, we know that you need to understand the difference in order to obtain the right protection. Here’s what you need to know. 

Loan Amount VS Insured Amount  

“Loan amount" is the amount of money you borrow from the lender and agree to repay. This amount sometimes includes more than just the amount of money you borrow – it can also include closing costs, fees, and points. The amount of your loan can differ significantly from the amount of your insurance coverage, which is the amount of policy coverage.  

Why The Difference? 

When you compare your loan amount with your insured amount, you need to consider the amount of money paid versus the money you’ll receive in the event of a claim. For example, if you still owe your lender $25,000, but your auto insurance covers the cash value of your vehicle, which is $20,000, the difference between your loan amount and your insured amount is $5,000. If you are involved in a collision and file a claim, you would receive the $20,000 cash value, but you would still owe your lender the full $25,000 due on your loan. 

What’s The Solution? 

In order to fully protect your loan amount, or you need what is called gap insurance in addition to your standard auto insurance policy, to cover the difference between the amount determined by your policy and the amount you still owe on your loan.  

There’s more to buying auto insurance than just buying standard coverage — you need the right amount of coverage for your specific situation. At Linda Dugan Insurance, we’re the Astoria, OR insurance experts. Give us a call today –we can help you choose the right policy for your unique needs.

What Happens if Auto Insurance Lapses?

Most people that drive a vehicle in Astoria, OR are very well aware that they are required by law to carry auto insurance. While you may have an auto insurance policy in place, there is a situation that your coverage could laps if you fail to make a payment or if the policy has expired. If you let your policy lapse, several different things could happen.

Put Yourself at Risk

The biggest issue with allowing your auto insurance to lapse is that you will be putting yourself at significant risk. When you are behind the wheel without auto insurance, you could find yourself in it pretty significant financial trouble if you get into an accident. Even if you don’t have insurance, you still will be responsible for any damage that you caused. Also, if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized without insurance, you will be required to pay for the replacement or repairs out of pocket.

Face Significant Penalties

Another thing that could happen if your auto insurance lapses is you could face some significant penalties. Driving with auto insurance is extremely important. If you are caught driving without active auto insurance, you could face severe financial penalties from law enforcement, your local DMV, and even your auto lender. Because of the risks that come with not having insurance, it is very important that you keep it active at all times. 

If your auto insurance is coming to an end, or you want to learn more about your auto insurance options, reaching out to the Linda Dugan Insurance agency would be a very beneficial step. When meeting with the team at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR residents will be able to get more information about their insurance requirements and get into a great policy. 

Are your Desert Toys Insured? This is Why They Should Be!

You’re cruising through the desert trails of Astoria, OR on your four-wheeler, when out of nowhere comes to a dirt bike doing a wheelie!  You stop but not in time, and neither does the dirt bike driver. There’s a crash, though no one is hurt, luckily.  Still, there is a significant amount of damage to your four-wheeler and the dirt bike? But you’re not too worried about it. Why? Because your favorite desert toy is insured by Linda Dugan Insurance.

Read on to learn more about why you should ensure your recreational toys with Linda Dugan Insurance.

1.  If there is an injury to your or another party while using a recreational vehicle, having insurance will help cover costs.

2.  If your desert toy is stolen or vandalized, having insurance could help replace or repair what was stolen or vandalized.

3.  If your recreational vehicle causes damage to someone’s property, having insurance will help minimize the financial consequences.

4.  Having insurance on all of your desert toys, from dirt bikes to four-wheelers and boats, will give you peace of mind every time you blaze the desert sands or cool off in one of Oregon’s lakes.

Contact our offices for more information on how you can insure your favorite motorized toys!

How To Itemize Your Flood Insurance Claims

While floods might not hit Astoria, OR that often, they may still happen. At Linda Dugan Insurance, we’ve seen too many people fail to itemize their damaged items properly. As a result, their claim was denied. Here is how you can avoid complications with this process.

Walk Through Your Home

After a flood strikes, walk through your home and take a look at everywhere that has been damaged. There is a good chance that the flood has affected many rooms in your home. Go through each of them and take a look at every element that has been damaged and takes a deep breath. This part is going to be tough.

Photograph The Damage

Take photos of the damaged areas to ensure that everything is properly documented. While your insurance company is likely to take your word, they may want some evidence. Photographs of important items showcase your damage and make sure your claim is approved.

Detail All The Possessions You’ve Lost

Write down all of the possessions that you lost because of the flood. These can include electronics, pieces of furniture, expensive pieces of electronics, and other elements that have a real value. Write them down, including their estimated price, on a piece of paper as you go through the house.

Break Them Up Into Types

After writing down all of the damaged items in your home, take the time to break them down into categories. These can include things like electronic items, home decoration products, and more. Breaking them down in this way helps your insurance company identify them more easily.

Getting Great Flood Coverage

If you live in Astoria, OR and want flood insurance, contact us at Linda Dugan Insurance. We serve this city and others in the area and can provide you the policy that you need.