Terms you need to understand before choosing your health insurance

Choosing your health insurance is not only difficult. It is one of the most important decisions you make every year. If you get it wrong, you will be living with that decision for 12 months. At Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR, we understand how important this decision is. As independent insurance agents, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with the choices you need and the information to make an informed decision. 


These days you will likely hear a lot about high deductible policies. Before the health insurance policy kicks in, a high deductible policy means paying a designated amount, usually at least $1400 for an individual and $2800 for a family. If you meet the minimum, you can then set up an HSA (health savings account) tax-free to help pay for those expenses. 


Every health insurance carrier has made contracts with providers to offer services to their customers. You may not be able to go outside this network if you want the insurance to pay for the service. When you choose your policy, it is vital to ensure your preferred doctor and hospital are within your network. 


Another important aspect of your coverage is your prescription medication. The formulary is the list of medicines covered by that policy and what the co-pay will be. Drugs are listed in tiers, and some of the tiers also come with a yearly deductible.


This is the amount you are responsible for when receiving a particular service. This is after you have met the plan deductible. 

Contact Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR when it is getting near the time when you have to choose your health insurance and let us help you get the most for your money.