Signs That You Need To Update Your Home Insurance Policy

A standard home insurance policy covers repairs and replacement of goods if a residence is damaged during an unforeseen event. Review the variables to determine if you need to update your insurance policy.


Your existing coverage relates to the size of your home, its structural details, and the amount of personal belongings stored inside. A renovation project changes the makeup of your home.

The increased value of your home would necessitate a modification in coverage. Keeping careful records of the home improvements will make it possible for a Linda Dugan Insurance agent to provide accurate advice about the coverage modifications you need.

Big Ticket Items

Purchasing an expensive item that will be used inside your residence may necessitate changes to your existing policy. New appliances, artwork, jewelry, and any other item of value you purchase should be reported to the insurance agent who serves you in Astoria, OR.

The agent will determine the value of the item. Then, they will adjust your coverage to ensure the new investment is included in your policy.

Security Systems

Security systems protect a home’s structural materials, as well as its contents, from theft and damage.

Inform your insurance agent if you purchase and professionally install any security equipment. They will adjust your coverage accordingly.

Final Words

Contact an agent at Linda Dugan Insurance to schedule an appointment to assess your existing home insurance policy. An agent who serves Astoria, OR will guarantee you are provided the coverage you need.