How to Protect Your Company Vehicles

If your profession deals with transporting individuals or goods, your company vehicles can be the lifeline of your business. As such, it’s important to do what you can to preserve the quality of your fleet. This includes scheduling regular maintenance, providing driver training for employees and keeping your commercial auto insurance up to date. The following steps can help you better manage this important aspect of your business.

Maintenance and Repairs

Someone in your company should be responsible for vehicle upkeep and repairs. Having regular drivers makes it easier to keep tabs on the condition of your vehicles and schedule maintenance when there’s a need. It also helps to have a regular mechanic whom you can trust with vehicle repairs. Scheduled maintenance will lower the risk of accidents, extend the lifeline of your vehicles and reduce repair costs.

Hire Conscientious Drivers

Hiring good drivers is another way to keep company vehicles in good shape. New drivers should be screened before hiring to ensure they have good driving records free of accidents and violations. Your company can also sponsor driver training courses from time to time to reinforce safe driving habits. Companies that make driving safely a priority do their part to reduce the risk of accidents.

Establish Rules for Using Business Vehicles

Every business should have rules for use of their business vehicles. Such rules could include no texting, cell phone, alcohol or drug use while driving, mandatory use of seat belts, no aggressive driving, etc. Employees should also be encouraged to lock vehicles when parked in public areas to discourage theft.  

Partnering with the right insurance company in Oregon will give you great insurance coverage to protect your company vehicles. Call or visit us today at Linda Dugan Insurance to get the customized commercial auto coverage you need. 

Insurance is no Joke: Why Oregans Should get Insurance Today

There are a lot of different avenues a person must take in order to keep them and their loved ones safe. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans do not prioritize their insurance needs, or they may simply prioritize certain types of insurance but not others. What they often discover is that insurance is not a laughing matter; in fact, quite the opposite. When you are in a car accident, a health crisis, lose your home to a tornado, or find yourself leaving behind your loved ones, you do not want to be up a creek without a paddle. The five types of insurance that Linda Dugan Insurance has found are commonly expected to get include:

  1. Life insurance – Insurance that makes sure that your family is well taken care of following their death
  2. Health insurance – Insurance to protect you in the event that you need to get a check-up, get surgery, get medication, etc.
  3. Automobile insurance – Insurance to protect you incase of an accident, either one caused by yourself or caused by an "act of god."
  4. Long-term disability coverage – In the event of permanent/nigh-permanent disability, this insurance would make sure that you were able to support yourself financially and not burden others with your care.
  5. Homeowner’s Insurance – Insurance to protect you from liability for damages, including certain weather or seismic activities (check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure these are covered!). Being in the pacific Northwest, Oregan has grown relatively used to hurricane-force winds.

Some insurance – like automobile insurance – is mandated by Oregon law; if caught without automobile insurance while driving, you may find yourself facing fines, a suspended license, and/or a towing.

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