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Getting Help with Insurance Claims

“She flies with her own wings,” the motto for the state of Oregon remains true to this day. There are many instances where the state of Oregon acts alone and sets an example for other states. One such example is the decision to acknowledge same-sex marriage in insurance. With both the Supreme Court and the Oregon District court upholding the validity of same-sex marriage, insurance companies must treat same-sex marriages as they would heterosexual marriages. This means same-sex partners can be covered by insurance, and they have the right to file claims for insurance.

How to File Insurance Claims
The process to file an insurance claim, whether commercial insurance or consumer insurance or concerning heterosexual or same-sex marriages, the process is the same. You can contact your local office if you are involved in a traffic accident, or you can call the customer service number, which is generally operational 24-hours each day. When you call, it is critical to have important documents and information handy that pertains to the accident. For instance, have your account number, your coverage levels, and the information concerning the accident.

Having Difficulties Filing a Claim?
There are times when some claims will not be processed as quickly as other claims. Delays in processing claims can stem from concerns about the validity of the claim, or more information may be needed for the claim. If you are filing a claim, and you are denied as a result of your same-sex marriage status, you do have options. After working with the insurance company, with no luck, you have the option of contacting the Oregon Insurance Commission to file a complaint.

Whether you have concerns about business insurance or consumer insurance in Oregon, our local agents can help you with your questions. Give us a call when you are interested in getting a quote for auto, commercial, or any other type of insurance.