Is Cheap Commercial Insurance the Best Option?

What’s more beautiful than the riverfront of the Nationally Registered Historic District of St. Helens, Oregon? People from all walks of life love to call St. Helens home. From outdoor enthusiasts to entrepreneurs, St. Helens has something for everyone. 

For residents who need insurance, our local office is there to provide you with many different types of insurance. From homeowners to car insurance to boating insurance, we have you covered because choosing insurance solely on costs may leave you underinsured. For entrepreneurs and other business owners, the cheapest insurance is not always the best option for your business.

Assess Your Coverage
The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” applies to insurance as well. Many insurance companies offer inexpensive insurance because they cut corners on the services they offer. By choosing our local insurance office in the zip code 97051, you will always get personal service and expert advice about commercial insurance products that will fully cover your business. Our insurance services help to make you whole after you have experienced a loss, which is the worst time to find out that you do not have complete coverage.

Compare Features, Not Just Prices
Many businesses focus on saving money when they purchase insurance, but that strategy can leave a business without proper coverage. It is important for everyone who purchases insurance to examine their policy and learn what features are included in the policy that makes their policy attractive.

Choose a Policy that Reduces Business Risks
Businesses can encounter a number of perils that jeopardize continual operations. With a thorough assessment of your business risks, you can find the best insurance for your business. If your business needs additional flood insurance or you need key person insurance, our local office is here to provide you with expert knowledge and insurance quotes to secure your investment. Our best agents are standing by to talk to you about your insurance needs now.

Insurance for Oregon Learners Permit

Defensive driving is taught in every driving class in the country, but there’s no substitute for experience. Experience is what really teaches kids the risks on the road. There’s no substitute for sufficient car insurance for somebody who is learning the ropes of the road either. Even though Oregon has one of the best mandatory liability insurance laws in the country, minimum required insurance just isn’t enough. Minimum PIP protection probably won’t cover a night in the emergency room and three days in the hospital after a crash either.

We’re independent insurance agents, and we live and work here in this great State of Oregon. We’re established, respected and contributing members of our communities. We’re not tied to any single mega insurer. We work with a variety of insurance companies. Because of that, we’re able to offer you choices on auto insurers, coverage and how premiums will be paid that agents for the "big three" just can’t offer. They’re not permitted to.

The information we give you to help you make your insurance choices is objective and unbiased. We’re not under any undue influence by any one single insurance company. We’re also concerned about the safety of your teen on the road, so we want to see them well protected. We have kids too, so we know how you feel.

Before your child gets their learners permit, contact us. We can do an evaluation on all of the cars and all of the drivers in your family. We’ll probably save you a chunk of money. We’re always available to answer any questions you have about your auto insurance. Whether your child will be driving one of your vehicles or you’re buying them one, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re pleased to talk with you.