Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is a necessary indemnification if you incur damage to your house by water that first touches the ground before entering your home. Homeowners’ insurance will not cover events defined as flooding by FEMA, and this occurs when two acres or more is, per their language, "inundated with water."  

There are other ways your property can be flooded, which happens when the groundwater builds up more gradually. Renters’ insurance policies will also not cover flooding; you will need a separate, dedicated flood insurance policy. 

Flood insurance is not a requirement in Astoria, OR by law. However, your lender will typically require you to purchase indemnification while maintaining a balance on your home. This is particularly true if your loan is funded by government underwriting. Ask your knowledgeable Linda Dugan Insurance representative about the right options for you. 

If your home is located on the FEMA map in a region that is identified as low-lying or that is a flood plane, your property has a chance of flooding. It will show you your community’s history with flood severity and frequency and will contain updates to their predictions based on changing climate data. 

Properties near rivers or creeks can be affected when these waterways overflow their banks during heavy rains. In addition, those who live on paved city streets can be inundated when sewers and gutters fail to properly remove water from the asphalt. This is mainly a problem at the bottom of steep hills. 

We Can Help You with Flood Insurance

Linda Dugan Insurance takes pride in providing insurance products and services to meet clients’ goals. Reach out to us today to so us further, and we serve those who live in the Astoria, OR area. 

Life Insurance is for Your Loved Ones – A Loving Legacy After Your Passing

Linda Dugan Insurance, serving Astoria, OR, and the surrounding area, can provide the protection necessary for your loved ones when you are no longer here to support them.

Why is life insurance coverage necessary?

It protects your family from the potentially devastating financial losses that could occur in the event of your passing. It will provide financial security, pay off debts, pay living expenses, and pay medical or final expenses.

I am only 25 years old. Why do I need life insurance?

Many younger people think it is not necessary at their age. But a severe illness, or, more commonly, car or athletic accidents, can impact the life of a younger individual. If that person has a young family, financial ruin can result in hardship that can last a lifetime.

Are you one of the fortunate that has accumulated wealth? High-earners and wealthy people use life insurance to pay estate taxes on a large bequest. Cash value life insurance will provide an alternative tax-deferred investment when you have maxed out other accounts. Life insurance trusts can be used with permanent life insurance to maximize wealth or assets.

If you need life insurance for a shorter period, for example, if you have young children at home, term insurance will be the best option as the premiums are affordable. A term life policy does not build cash value, so you cannot cash out term life insurance.

If you desire permanent coverage that lasts your entire lifetime, a whole life policy is best.

Do not leave your loved ones unprotected. If you need additional answers to questions or desire a quote, contact Linda Dugan Insurance today. You and your loved ones will be glad you did.