Getting your boat ready for boating

It can be exciting to get a boat and get ready to take it out on the water and make memories with friends and family. However, when you get your boat ready for boating, there are a few things to think about before you get on the water. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure that you have everything in place.

What kind of boat do you have?

Some of the regulations for boating are based on the size and speed of the boat you have. After all, it wouldn’t be safe or practical to take a big yacht on a small river. Be sure to research Oregon laws regarding what kinds of boats are permitted on public waters, and any limitations on boating. For example, you must be over 13 years old and pass a boater education course to drive a boat in Oregon.

Where can you use your boat?

There are lots of places to go boating in Oregon, but not all waters are public or allow boats. Be sure to check that boating is allowed before you take your boat to a body of water, and use the proper boating ramps once you arrive.

How do I keep myself and passengers safe?

In addition to driving the boat safely and keeping life jackets on board, you can keep yourself and your passengers safe with proper boating insurance. Speaking with a qualified insurance agent will help you find the best insurance options for your boat and needs.

For more information about protecting yourself and your boat with proper insurance, contact Linda Dugan Insurance today.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance in Astoria, OR

While you may find yourself in the position of needing a number of different insurance policies while living in Astoria, Oregon, you may also want to consider umbrella insurance. While there are a number of different agents out there who can set up an affordable umbrella insurance policy for you, look local first at a place like Linda Dugan Insurance, who serves the great Astoria, OR area and offer competitive rates. Below is more information about umbrella insurance policies, so you can make the most informed decision before setting one up for yourself.


In short, umbrella insurance is a policy which protects you beyond the existing insurance policies you already have. This means that you will have added protection to your home and auto insurance polices in the form of added insurance that fills gaps that they do not cover, This specifically pertains to lawsuits that may be filed against you due to injury from a car accident or a fall at your home or property. With this umbrella insurance policy, you are protected from a lot of legal costs and possibly future legal judgement against you.


For about $200 per month you can usually get around one million dollars of coverage, though it depends on who you are and what your history is. For another $100 per month, another million dollars of liability is usually granted, though it is usually on a case by case basis per person who is setting up their umbrella policy.


Anyone who is worried about having a lawsuit filed against them for an auto accident, a home accident or libel or slander, which umbrella insurance policies also cover. While it’s tough to predict the future, one can get a sense of if they are more vulnerable to these types of issues than not.