Do you need life insurance after your retire?

Most people look forward to retirement with a great deal of anticipation. Not having to get up and go to work every day is very appealing. The lead up to retirement can last a year or more as you tie up all the loose ends and get ready to move into this new phase of your life. If you have been counting on life insurance provided by your employer for your protection, you will have some things to think about. In Astoria, OR, Linda Dugan Insurance is your locally owned independent insurance agency. We are here to help make sure your retirement progress smoothly and you have the right insurance for your lifestyle. 

When you think about retirement, do you picture you and your spouse or partner traveling the world or wintering in a warm climate? The reality for many people is quite different. You may have children or grandchildren who live with you and whom you are providing support for. Under this retirement scenario, not much has changed from when you were raising a young family. You still have people who depend on your income. 

When you are thinking about your retirement, providing for dependents is something to consider when determining how much life insurance you need. You want to make your spouse or partner is provided for in addition to providing a legacy for others when you are gone. How much you want to leave is dependent on your ability to maintain the payments on your insurance. By the time you are at retirement age, your term policies may be at the end of their term. A whole life policy will remain at the same price. 

One thing most retirees want to have covered by life insurance is their final expenses. Depending on the type of sendoff you want it can be inexpensive or over $10.000. Another option is to prepay these expenses. 

In Astoria, OR contact Linda Dugan Insurance for all your life insurance needs. 

When Should You Tell Your Insurer About Remodeling?

When remodeling in Astoria, OR, there are little projects and there are big projects. You know that you should probably pick up the phone and call your provider when building a whole new bedroom or redoing the kitchen from the ground up. But do you need to call them every single time you install a new sink or window?

What Are You Willing To Risk?

Ultimately, the question of when to call your insurer comes down to how much value you’re willing to leave uninsured. For most minor home improvements, you’re not required to tell your insurer, but if you put five thousand dollars of new fixtures into your home, and then your home burns down, that’s five thousand dollars you’re not going to get from your insurance provider.

Our advice: Anything you can’t replace with the cash in your wallet, you should probably tell your insurance agent about it.

The value threshold may vary from homeowner to homeowner. You might not be worried about a five hundred dollar bathtub, where someone else will want to ensure that those fifty dollar drapes are covered.

So really it comes down to peace of mind. That’s what we’re really buying when we call Linda Dugan Insurance about a home insurance policy, and if you’re not reappraising your home whenever it improves in value, then you’re leaving a lot of peace of mind unclaimed.

In short, your insurer needs to know when you’re doing major renovations. But you need your insurer to know when you’re doing minor renovations.

If you’re looking to get covered in Astoria, OR or if you have any questions, call Linda Dugan Insurance and see what they can do for you.

Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

If you need auto insurance in Astoria, OR, you must first start by knowing some commonly used terms. This way, Linda Dugan Insurance will help you choose the right type of auto insurance you need.

If you don’t work in the insurance industry, you might feel confused when some of these terms are thrown around. Does it mean that you need to know every term related to auto insurance? Of course not. What you need to know are the most common and important terms.

Why these terms? You won’t know if you have the right coverage or getting the right deal if you don’t understand them.

1. Deductible

An auto insurance deductible refers to the amount of money your will pay to cover car damage before the insurance company pays your claim. A good example is where you file a claim of $1000 but have a deductible or $300. This means the insurance company will only pay $700.

However, there are several facts you need to know about auto insurance deductibles. They include: 

  • Not every type of auto insurance attracts a deductible
  • The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums
  • A deductible is mandatory if you’re the at-fault driver

2. Premiums

If you’re buying auto insurance, this is a term you must know.

The only reason your insurer pays your claim is that you pay for the coverage. The payment could be monthly, after six months, or annually.

The amount you pay as the premium will vary depending on different factors. They include:

  • How long you drive
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Your driving record
  • Type of auto insurance coverage

Learn More About Auto Insurance

There you have it! Two basic terms that you must know before buying auto insurance in Astoria, OR. However, you need to go into details and know how these values are determined. Linda Dugan Insurance is your reliable partner when purchasing auto insurance. Check out our website to learn more about these terms and many others.

Why should I get toy insurance?

The Astoria, OR area is a fun place to live if you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. When you are going to try to enjoy the environment as much as possible, getting a recreational toy can be a great option. Those that do get a recreational toy need to make sure that they get the right insurance for it. There are a few different reasons why you should get a toy insurance policy.

Insurance Offers Protection Against Liability Risk

A reason that anyone should get a toy insurance plan is that it can offer protection against the risk of a liability claim. When you operate your recreational toy, there will always be a chance that you could cause an accident that leads to damage. When you have proper insurance, you will have the coverage that is needed to mitigate the risk that you will have to pay for damages in the future.

Insurance Covers Assets

You will also want to get a toy insurance policy as it will cover your assets. Anyone that is going to get a recreational toy will want to know that they can repair or replace it if an accident occurs. With a full toy insurance plan, you are going to have the coverage needed to protect your asset so you can continue to enjoy it in the future. 

When you want to get a toy insurance policy in the Astoria, OR area, it is important to evaluate your needs and options. The team with Linda Dugan Insurance can help you to do this. When you do call Linda Dugan Insurance, you can learn a lot about your different options. They can help you then build a policy that will offer you the right type and level of coverage for your recreational toy. 

Why should I get boat insurance in Oregon?

Those that are in the Astoria, OR area will love living in a beautiful climate. For people that are in this location of Oregon, investing in a boat to use can open up many opportunities for fun. Anyone that does invest in a boat here should make sure that they get the right insurance coverage for it. There continue to be many reasons to get a full boat insurance plan when you are in this area of the state.

Insurance is Required

A reason that a lot of people will choose to get this insurance is that it could be a requirement. Depending on where you want to dock and use your boat, there could be local or private rules in place that govern your insurance needs. Further, if you have taken out financing to buy a boat, your lender will want you to maintain coverage at all times.

Insurance Protects Boat

If you buy a boat, you will want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. A good way to ensure that you are able to do so is by getting insurance. With a boat insurance plan, you are going to get the coverage needed to repair or replace your boat. This can offer peace of mind as well. 

Those that are going to get a boat insurance plan in the Astoria, OR area may find that they have many different questions. A great company to speak with when you are looking for boat insurance is Linda Dugan Insurance. Choosing a new plan will require a lot of thought and consideration and Linda Dugan Insurance can make it easier for you. The team here can help you assess your situation and pick a plan that is right for you. 

What Protection Does Flood Insurance Provide?

Flooding is a common event in Oregon, putting homeowners at risk of financial loss due to flood damage. If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, it’s important you prepare by purchasing flood insurance. With flood coverage from Linda Dugan Insurance, you can get compensation for damage to your home or loss of personal goods due to flooding. Here’s what you can expect from a typical flood policy.

Flood Insurance Coverage in Astoria, OR

Standard flood policies offer two types of protection – building coverage to protect your home and contents coverage for your belongings.

In addition to your home structure (ceiling, walls, flooring), building insurance covers your electrical system, plumbing, furnace, water heater, home appliances, carpeting, cabinetry, built-in bookshelves, paneling, window blinds, and more.

Contents insurance covers all your personal goods to include clothes, furniture, small kitchen appliances, electronics, washer & dryer, portable AC units, and area rugs. It also covers valuables like original artwork and posh jewelry up to the limit of $2,500.

If your home and possessions are important to you, take the time to protect these valuable investments with flood coverage.

Importance of Flood Coverage

As a homeowner in Astoria, OR, there are numerous reasons to consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. First, floods aren’t limited to flood zone areas – they can occur anywhere. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with flood coverage.  

Second, it doesn’t take much floodwater to cause extensive damage. Even a few inches of standing water can cause disastrous results. Third, home insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Without flood coverage, you could wind up paying for flood damage on your own.

Where to Purchase Flood Insurance

For your convenience, you can purchase flood coverage locally from Linda Dugan Insurance. We’ll help you determine the coverage best suited to your needs.

Is RV Insurance Required in Oregon?

You are ready to head out on the highway in your new RV, otherwise known as a recreational vehicle, but to do it with the peace of mind you deserve, you will need to obtain the proper RV insurance policy. The agents at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR have the knowledge and experience with RV insurance to put you on the right road.

RV Liability Insurance

The state of Oregon, like nearly every other state in the United States, requires that all RV owners have at least a liability insurance policy that will cover injuries to people sustained in an accident deemed to be your fault and any property damage you may cause. Also, you must have liability insurance that will cover anyone that is visiting your RV and is injured in some type of mishap, such as a fall.

Collision Coverage

Collision insurance will cover damages and injuries that can occur if you are involved in an accident with another vehicle or an object. For example, if you back your RV into a camper at a campground you are staying at, this part of your insurance policy will cover damages to your RV and the other person’s camper.

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of insurance will cover your RV if it is damaged or destroyed due to a fire, vandalism, or natural disaster, such as a tornado. Comprehensive insurance will also help you replace your RV if it is stolen and can also cover your personal property inside your RV.

Call for a Quote

To obtain the perfect RV insurance policy that fits your situation, call upon the RV insurance agents at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR today!

Who should get health insurance?

Those that are in the Astoria, OR area should spend time every so often considering their personal insurance needs. One form of insurance that all people here need to get is health insurance. This type of insurance can provide you with access to affordable healthcare. There are several reasons why everyone in this area should get health insurance coverage.

Insurance Gives Access to Care

The main reason that people in this area of Oregon should get health insurance is that it will provide them with access to affordable care. If you are ever become sick or hurt and need to see a doctor or have a procedure, the cost can be significant if you do not have health insurance. Additionally, those that are not insured are far less likely to see a doctor for regular visitations, which can encourage a less healthy overall lifestyle and will preclude you from getting important prescription medication. 

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

Another reason that everyone should get some form of health insurance is that it is now a legal requirement. For the past few years, all people have been required by law to have insurance for themselves and their dependents. If you do not have the right coverage in place, you will be penalized at the end of the year as you will need to provide evidence of insurance coverage when filing your taxes. 

There are a lot of options to consider when looking for health insurance in the Astoria, OR area. When you are looking for your next policy, you should call Linda Dugan Insurance. The health insurance team at Linda Dugan Insurance understands the complexities that come with a health insurance policy. They can help you understand your options and choose the right policy for your situation.

Three advantages you’ll enjoy by investing in umbrella insurance today

Taking out an umbrella insurance policy can benefit consumers in Astoria, OR in numerous ways. We provide umbrella insurance coverage at Linda Dugan Insurance. 

The following are three advantages you can enjoy by investing in umbrella insurance today.

Umbrella insurance offers greater financial security.

You face financial risks if you don’t carry umbrella coverage. You could face a liability lawsuit that could end up costing you a great deal.

Umbrella insurance provides you with financial security. With this type of coverage, you keep your finances more stable regardless of what happens down the road. 

Umbrella insurance protects your net worth.

Those who have a lot of assets to protect are especially at risk of being targets for lawsuits. Unfortunately, your net worth can be severely decreased or even wiped out quickly if you face a lawsuit.

With umbrella insurance coverage, you’re protecting your assets. If you do face a costly lawsuit, your umbrella insurance coverage will cover the costs. This way, you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket and lose your hard-earned assets as the result of a lawsuit. 

Umbrella insurance prevents unexpected financial setbacks.

It’s good to be able to plan for the future. Unfortunately, your plans for the future can fall apart quickly if you face a lawsuit and you don’t have umbrella insurance coverage.

With umbrella insurance coverage, you minimize the chances that you’ll face a severe financial setback. You have coverage to fall back on if an unexpected accident occurs for which you are held liable. 

We can provide you with more helpful information on the many advantages umbrella insurance coverage can offer you in Astoria, OR. Contact us at Linda Dugan Insurance to learn more. 

What type of life insurance should I get?

Anyone that lives in the Astoria, OR area will have many different types of insurance that they need to obtain. One very important form of insurance that anyone here needs to consider getting is life insurance. This form of insurance will provide protection to your dependents. There are two common forms of life insurance you should consider when picking your next policy.

Term Life Insurance

A very common form of life insurance that many people choose today is term life insurance. When you get a term life insurance policy, you will be able to build a policy based on your personal needs. This will include having a coverage amount for a defined period of time, which could range for over 25 years. Compared to other forms of coverage, this is the more affordable option in many cases. However, coverage will end once the term of the policy is over.

Whole Life Insurance

Another type of insurance that you can consider getting is whole life insurance. When you get this insurance, you will obtain coverage for the rest of your life if you want to have it. While premiums tend to be more than with term life, some of your payment will grow and accrue in an account that you could liquidate in the future. This can make it a good addition to any financial plan.

As you are shopping for life insurance in and around Astoria, OR, you should call Linda Dugan Insurance. Choosing a new policy is never easy and you are bound to have a lot of questions. If you do call Linda Dugan Insurance, you can learn a lot more about your different options. This could help to ensure that you choose a policy that is right for your situation.