Stay Safe With These Vehicle Tools

Vehicles are safer now than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you should leave home without a few extra tools. Sure, a new vehicle, a quality insurance plan from Linda Dugan Insurance and a AAA card is a fantastic start, but you need to make sure you can remain safe while out on the road. Without spending much, you can protect yourself and everyone else in the vehicle with these vehicle tools. 

Tire Inflator and Sealer 

Flats happen and, often times, there isn’t much you can do about it. However, most flat tires don’t just burst apart. Instead, more flats occur over time. If you know you hit a nail or your air tire pressure gage is going off, you need the tire serviced, but you shouldn’t drive on a quickly deflating tire. A can of tire inflator and sealer works as a temporary fix and makes it much easier to protect your vehicle and safely drive. 


Toss a thin flashlight into the glove compartment of your vehicle. Small problems with your car at night become major issues simply because you can’t see what is happening. A flashlight makes a world of difference. 

Jumper Box/Cables

Jumper cables are a staple and should always be left in the trunk. Just make sure to spring for longer cables as it gives you more slack to work with. However, a nice upgrade is a jumper box. This gives you a portable charge without relying on another vehicle. It costs more, but if you need a jump now, it is the way to go. 

Mylar Blanket

If your vehicle brakes down in Astoria, OR or anywhere else and the temps turn cold, you’ll need to stay warm until help arrives. This blanket is small and can be folded anywhere, but it is sure to keep you warm. 

Brief Overview of Anti-Theft Devices for Your Motorcycle in Astoria, OR

Motorcycles are fairly easy to move which makes them easy targets, especially for opportunists. If you’re in Astoria and want to ensure that you can keep your precious ride safe, then you should know these anti-theft devices and choose one or a few of them for your vehicle.

1. Killswitch

Some thieves are wizards with wires, but a killswitch will make it so the engine won’t operate unless it’s started by the key in your hands. Some owners have a difficult time installing these, so you may want to get a professional to help you here. Every motorcycle is different, and you definitely don’t want this malfunctioning.

2. Disc Locks

Essentially this is an easy and safe way of locking your wheels, which is the primary way criminals will move your motorcycle. Of course it’s possible to pick up a motorcycle, but it makes it much more difficult. As long as you park your motorcycle in a well-lit area, then this can be enough of a measure to prevent thieves who have precious little time to complete their task.

3. Alarms and Trackers

This is your motorcycle, and only you know just how much it’s worth to you, so you may want to consider getting both of them. There are a variety of alarms and GPS trackers available so if it is stolen, so you can either scare them away or find them wherever you they happen to be.

And if the worst does happen to you and your bike is stolen, make sure you have excellent theft coverage on your motorcycle. Linda Dugan Insurance serves the people of Astoria OR, so call today if you need for a review or a new motorcycle insurance policy.