How Can Flood Insurance Help You Recover?

In the unfortunate event that your home and family are subjected to a flood, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, but having the right insurance in place can make recovering easier. Whether you need a place to stay while the flood is dissipating, or if you’re faced with costly repairs to your home and property, flood insurance can help. The coverage thresholds and limits vary, making it important to know what your policy covers.

Covered building property under flood insurance policies includes electrical and plumbing systems, water heaters, carpeting and window blinds among many other items. All of this building property would be costly to replace without flood insurance, inhibiting your ability to recover from the disaster.

Insurance can also replace your refrigerator or foundation walls, turning your home back into a habitable place. Personal property items, such as clothing, furniture, portable microwaves and artwork among other items may also be covered. Having these items replaced can make your recovery process easier and faster, which is better for everyone in your family.

Sitting down and discussing coverage options with an insurance specialist at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR is an effective way to tailor flood insurance to meet your risk profile. Whether you need additional living expenses or help to supplement medical subscriptions, insurance can help you get back on your feet.

To learn more about flood insurance and how to mitigate the risks posed by this unfortunate event, please contact Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR. If you live in a flood zone or an area that is prone to having natural disasters, it’s prudent to get flood insurance before the unexpected happens. Flood insurance can help you get your life back on track.

Why you should carry flood insurance

Most of the time, flood insurance is not one of those things that most people think about. After all, Oregon is not far away from any coast, such as the part of the country that was recently hit hard by Harvey. Rain rarely occurs in the desert southwest. However, as Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR notes, floods do hit our community from time to time, and, when they do, as happened in 2014, they can be devastating. Our area gets scant rainfall, but occasionally the year’s allotment can happen all at once.

The event of September 8, 2014, hit the area around Phoenix, including Mesa, in the early morning, eventually flooding the Emerald Acres neighborhood when the retention basin overflowed, sending water into nearby streets and eventually into an elementary school and about 200 homes. People were trapped in their homes, watching as the water relentlessly flowed inside. Roads were blocked, and many people found themselves trapped in flooded vehicles. Rain gauges throughout the city measured more than three inches in a six-hour period, with one measuring a mind-numbing 4.6 inches. The cleanup afterward was time-consuming and expensive.

Flood insurance is not covered by a homeowner’s policy and has to be purchased separately. A flood insurance policy has a 30-day waiting period attached to it to prevent people from waiting to buy a policy until just before a rainstorm, Home and business owners who carry flood insurance at least have the peace of mind of knowing that they will be covered if an event like 2014 happens again.

If you have any questions concerning flood insurance, feel free to contact Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR.