What is Flood Insurance and Do I Need It?

Water is often seen as a good thing, but too much water in the wrong place, like in your home in Astoria, OR, can cause great financial losses. Here are some helpful facts about flood insurance from Linda Dugan Insurance.

I Don’t Live Near the Water. Do I Need Flood Insurance? 

Homeowners who live in flood-prone areas are required by their mortgage lenders to have flood insurance in their homes. However, over 20 percent of flood claims come from people whose homes lie outside the areas labeled as high risk for flooding. Additionally, things like development and wildfires can influence flooding, and your home may be more likely to flood than you may realize. Flood insurance can help you recover financially if you experience a flood. 

Won’t My Homeowners or Renters Policy Cover Flood Damage?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their standard homeowners or renters insurance policies will not cover damage due to flooding. To be insured for flooding, homeowners must buy an additional flood policy. 

Can I Buy Flood Insurance Privately?

In past years, flood insurance was largely available through the federal government. However, flood insurance is now available through a variety of private insurers. If you desire flood insurance, you can have your home, business, and possessions protected from flood damage when you purchase a flood insurance policy from an insurance agent.

How Soon Can I Get Coverage?

You can’t wait until a storm is on the way to purchase a flood policy. Often, flood policies have a 30 day waiting period before they are effective. If you think you might need a flood insurance policy, you should call your insurance agent right away.

If you have questions about flood insurance in the Astoria, OR area, you can contact Linda Dugan Insurance. These professionals will answer all your questions and determine whether or not a flood insurance policy makes sense for your situation.

RV Insurance: How It Works

Did you just purchase an RV for your family’s next vacation? Before you hit the road, it is time to review your policies with Linda Dugan Insurance and make sure that your RV has the right coverage for how you intend to use it.

Is RV Insurance a Separate Policy?

That all depends on the type of RV you purchased in the Astoria, OR area. If your mobile vacation home is a travel trailer or fifth-wheel, you will add RV insurance to your truck or SUV that is towing the trailer. If you purchased a mobile home such as a Class A, Class B, or Class C, the policy will be a modified version of an auto insurance policy.

Basic Coverage: What It Protects

If you opt for the lowest RV insurance policy, it provides protection for the physical RV such as the structure, roof, wheels, lights, and brakes. Almost every other powered system like the A/C inverter or refrigerator and your possessions are generally not part of this basic protection. If you take an inventory of all the extras that you add to your rolling cabin, that leaves a large investment that is at risk in the case of an accident on the highway.

Getting the Right Insurance

When you sit down with an agent from Linda Dugan Insurance, make sure you discuss how you intend to use your new RV. Are you renting a space at the local Astoria OR campground for the year or are you hitting the highway? If you will be on the road full-time, make sure to expand your collision section and include bumper-to-bumper replacement value. If you are renting a pad and adding a deck and outdoor kitchen, ask about extra liability that offers protection against damage to your summer getaway.