Why You Need Boat Insurance

States mandate their own insurance laws for required coverage. In Oregon, boat insurance isn’t required, but it’s recommended that all boaters have boat insurance to protect themselves. Boats are an expensive investment, and you must also protect them. If you’re in Oregon and have a boat that isn’t insured, call us at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR to find out more and get started. 

Accidents While Boating

When you have your boat on the water, it’s possible for it to get into a collision. When this happens, and you are at fault, you will be held responsible for all the damage caused by the accident. This can be highly expensive, and it can be challenging for many people to come up with. To prevent an accident from ruining you financially, there is boat insurance. This coverage can protect you against your liability when you cause an accident. With this coverage, you can go boating with better peace of mind. 

Other Boat Insurance Coverage

In addition to liability coverage for your boat, there are other types of boat coverage that you can use to protect yourself against several expenses. If you get comprehensive boat insurance, this protects your boat against other accidents and events that can happen when it isn’t on the water. Another coverage type is property damage coverage, which will pay for lost items due to an accident. If you have bodily injury liability, it will pay the medical bills for other parties who get into an accident with you. 

Get Boat Coverage

When you own a boat, getting boat insurance is the smart choice. Call us at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR when you have a boat and need insurance coverage.

How Does Toy Insurance Work?

When you have toys that are worth real money, you need to protect those assets with toy insurance. It’s essential to have this insurance in case the worst happens, and your collection is lost. Call us at Linda Duggan Insurance in Astoria, OR to get started when you need toy insurance for your important items.

Types of Toy Insurance

There are different categories of toys that can be insured. One of these is valuable collections of toys. These may be new, vintage, antique, etc. Another category is recreational toys such as ATVs. These toys tend to be expensive, and it’s essential to protect them with toy insurance. The toy insurance you get will cover your toys against a wide range of risks. Recreational toys may require various types of coverage to cover them adequately. This may include collision insurance, liability coverage, etc. 

Getting Your Toy Insurance

The process often depends on the insurance company when you have valuable toys that need protecting. Sometimes, this can involve getting an appraisal to determine what the toys are worth. If an appraisal isn’t required, you will declare the value of the toys for the insurance policy. Knowing what your items are worth is vital to getting enough coverage for them. Once your coverage is in place, you will have better peace of mind knowing they are well-protected. 

Get Your Toy Insurance

Accidents and other incidents can happen to your toys, and it’s vital to have toy coverage just in case something happens to what you value. If you have valuable toys and want to ensure they are protected against a wide range of events, give us a call at Linda Duggan Insurance in Astoria, OR to find out more and get started.