5 Home Security Steps to protect Your Home

Having home insurance coverage provides peace of mind after an incident that may have occurred due to criminal activity. While we can’t predict every kind of situation in the Astoria, OR. area, there are ways to wisely secure a home. Here at Linda Dugan Insurance we believe in informing our customers. Below are five tips for you to more securely protect your home against crime. Visit us or call 503-440-3909, and we can discuss your concerns more thoroughly.


Keep foliage trimmed back away from the house, especially around doors and windows. Opportunists look for privacy while picking a lock or breaking a window.


Have motion sensor lighting installed to deter criminals who like to work in the dark. If the neighbor’s cat keeps turning on your outside lights, they can be reset to avoid that.

Doors and Windows

Make it a firm habit to lock doors as you come inside. Check locks before you leave the house, and before bedtime. Making this a habit reduces the chances of you accidentally leaving a window open for a week.

Security Systems

Consider a security system that connects directly to rescue and safety personnel who can respond the moment there’s an incident. These systems help during home accidents, as well.

Neighborhood Connections

Hard to define but wonderful to experience is the connection to your neighbors that makes you feel safe and watched over. Be a good neighbor and build relations within your neighborhood that deter crime and strengthen communities.

At Linda Dugan Insurance we have independent agents ready to discuss your home insurance coverage. We can find discounts you may qualify for, and provide tips on home security. Serving the Astoria, OR area, we are available at 503-440-3909.

When Worlds Collide: Auto Insurance Meets Home Insurance In a Crash Through The Fence

Feel Free to Crash Through Our Door Anytime

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A Teen Crashed Through My Fence – What To Do?

It’s 3:05 am and the only reason you are still awake is because it is a nice summer night and you are trying to get your hair just right. The kids who have been racing up and down your street all summer are at it again. The skid…the screech …and the crash, not any time lapse in those dot, dot, dot’s. Oh my goodness. All of the neighbors are out in the street. One neighbor passed the three teens as two held the wobbly legged one in between them. As they arrived close to the corner home all drew a sigh of relief that the teens made it out of the crash alive. The car sitting on the lawn twisted and broken with pieces of the fence sticking out of it was impressive.

When these two worlds collide  – the home and car insurance worlds – it is the best time to speak with an agent. Surely the wayward teen’s insurance should pay for the broken fence or initiate the claim.  In this case the home insurance would be better since the teen abandoned the rental vehicle it became a criminal matter. 

The only way to find out what is on your policy is to discuss it with your agent. Linda Dugan Insurance is never too busy to help you find the answers to all of your insurance questions.