Misconceptions About Home Insurance

Not all home insurance policies are the same, and many homeowners suffer from a variety of misconceptions about their coverage. We at Linda Dugan Insurance have had to help our Astoria, Oregon residents understand the truth behind many of these misconceptions.

Home Insurance Will Not Cover Health Emergencies

Many home insurance policies have what is known as "medical payment" coverage. This type of coverage is not designed to pay for your medical emergency needs, but if someone else on your property gets injured. This policy will help protect you from lawsuits by providing a provision for payment, not for covering your personal medical expenses.

Not All Polices Have Loss-Of-Use Coverage

Many home insurance policies will help pay for expenses earned while staying in a hotel while yours is being repaired. However, this kind of coverage is not inherent in all home insurance policies. It often requires an extra cost and coverage may be limited. For example, your policy may indicate how much you can pay while staying in a hotel.

Earthquake Damage Is Not Covered By A Standard Policy

In areas that are highly affected by earthquakes, it is important to make sure that your policy covers this kind of damage. Don’t assume that it does: a majority of standard home insurance policies won’t cover earthquake insurance. This can leave you with a hefty bill after the next big one, which could hit Astoria, Oregon at any time.

Agents Will Definitely Notice Pad Claiming

People who suffer from home damage often try to get a little bit of extra money by padding their claim. Big mistake: agents are very suspicious of high claims and will investigate them quickly. If you have no receipts for your claimed items, there’s a chance your home insurance claim could be voided.

If you suffer from any of this conceptions or simply need help figuring out your home insurance policy, we can help. At Linda Dugan Insurance, we offer homeowners like you quality assistance in finding high-quality home insurancce.

How Does Location Impact Car Insurance Costs?

People living in Astoria, OR know that car insurance costs can vary widely across the region. People will often shop around to find the least expensive option for insuring their cars. How exactly does location impact car insurance costs? Dugan insurance has some important advice that readers can learn from below.

First, everyone knows that weather varies by location. Some parts of Oregon are close to the coast. While Oregon isn’t often hit by hurricanes, it is always a possibility. Car insurance companies know this and therefore will charge higher rates for insuring cars due to the added risk of damage from hurricanes. While living on the coast is nice, it can contribute to higher car insurance costs. 

Next, some neighborhoods are safer than others. While people have numerous reasons for desiring a safe neighborhood to live in, this also impacts car insurance rates. Locations with high crime rates mean that there is a higher chance of having a car broken into or stolen. Therefore, choosing a safer neighborhood will keep car insurance premiums lower. Choose the neighborhood carefully.

Finally, some parts of town have more treacherous roads. Insurance companies track the accident rates across certain cities and streets. If a car will be driving the more dangerous roads regularly, there is a higher chance of the car being involved in the accident. To cover against these potential losses, a car insurance company will raise insurance rates in areas with more accident-prone roads. Keeping a car off of roads with higher accident rates will wind up in lower car insurance prices.

When it comes to shopping for car insurance in Astoria, OR, location matters just as much as it does in real estate. Crime rates, weather conditions, and accident rates all impact premiums for car insurance. Make sure to take these into consideration when deciding where to live or insure a car. Contact Dugan Insurance for an auto insurance quote today.