Personal Injury Claim On Homeowners Insurance: What’s It All About?

Astoria, Oregon is located right on the Pacific coast, offering a wide range of things to do. You are only about an hour away from Portland and many people make the commute for work. Income levels are a little lower here than in comparison to the rest of the state, though home values are able equal.

A personal injury claim is something that can be made on your homeowner’s insurance. This is when someone has been injured on your property and they are taking action against you. The action could be to recoup hospital bills or general pain and suffering.

When you have homeowners insurance in the 97103 ZIP code, you may not have to be held financially responsible for someone’s injury. While it is your property, it’s one of the reasons why you have insurance. Don’t assume it’s just for fire and theft. You may be surprised by what your policy covers.

You will be able to file a personal injury claim in Astoria, Oregon at any time. It could be if a contractor falls, a friend trips, or someone else is injured on your property. Not all situations are going to be covered and this is why it’s important to know what is actually covered.

One of our agents can walk you through some of the options for your home in 97103. We can talk to you about add-on coverage for just about everything – even coverage in the event someone injures themselves after becoming intoxicated at a party you hosted.

We have agents who take the time to answer your questions in Astoria, Oregon and ensure you have the ability to make a personal injury claim. Call us today to find out how we can assist you on your policy in the 97103 area.

Am I Protected Against A Sinking Foundation In Oregon?

Oregon is a beautiful state in the Pacific Southwest. There are homes along the ocean, the mountains, and throughout the vineyards, as well as in major cities such as Portland and Astoria. Whatever it is that you wish to do, you will find it in the state – and it has become a popular destination in recent years.

When you purchase homeowners insurance, it’s important to look at what you are and are not protected against.

A sinking foundation can be one of the worst things. Shifts in the land can cause your foundation to sink – and when this happens, it can crack and lead to various problems within your home. Even your porch can be affected.

Your foundation may be covered within your homeowner’s insurance policy, but it’s not a given. Your policy may already cover against:

– Fire

– Flood

– Theft

However, if you want it to cover a sinking porch or foundation problems, you have to read the fine print. One of our insurance agents in Oregon can walk you through the process of looking at coverage and determine if you have the necessary coverage within your policy – and add the option if you don’t.

By having the needed coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is always protected. This way, if you experience an issue with your home in Oregon, you simply have to place a call to the homeowner’s insurance company and file a claim. They can then authorize an inspection and help you to make the repairs – without asking for more than a deductible from you.

Contact us today and begin working with an agent. We can obtain multiple quotes for you and ensure you are protected against all that could go wrong to your home.