My car sustained flood damage. Will my auto insurance cover the damage?

Determining what’s covered by a particular insurance policy can be confusing. For example, if flood waters damage your home, will your homeowner’s policy cover the damage or flood insurance? Our team at Linda Dugan Insurance knows that it can be confusing to determine what type of insurance covers a particular incident or situation. This is why we’re committed to helping Astoria, OR residents understand what’s covered by various insurance policies. 

What Insurance Policy Covers What?

This is the burning question that can be outright confusing to determine. This is why guidance from an insurance agent can be beneficial when deciding what covers what. For example, if you live in a flood zone, it may be wise to purchase flood insurance because often, flood-related damage isn’t covered by a standard homeowners policy. Conversely, an auto insurance policy may cover things unrelated to collision-based accidents. Navigating the insurance world can be confusing without the right help and guidance. A licensed insurance agent can offer guidance to help you determine what coverage types would benefit you most based on your lifestyle, preferences, and even where you reside.

Will My Auto insurance Cover my Car’s Flood Damage?

Many may be surprised that auto insurance won’t typically cover damage from floods. A flood insurance policy covers damage your car sustains in a flood. People often assume that auto insurance will cover any damage your vehicle sustains. However, there are specific situations when a traditional auto insurance policy wouldn’t cover damage caused by some natural disasters. If you’re confused about what insurance would cover particular types of damage, call us. One of our agents can clear the confusion.