Does business umbrella insurance also protect my home?

If you live and do business in Astoria, OR, you might wonder if business umbrella insurance also protects your home. Business umbrella insurance typically covers liabilities related to your business activities, such as lawsuits from customers or employees. However, it can also provide additional protection for your home and personal assets if you have the right kind of policy. Linda Dugan Insurance explains business umbrella insurance covers and how it can protect your home.

What Does Business Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

Business umbrella insurance offers additional liability protection beyond the limits of other insurance policies, such as homeowners or auto insurance. It covers incidents that could potentially cause significant financial losses to your business or personal assets, such as lawsuits over negligence or contractual disputes. It also provides coverage for libel and slander claims, legal defense costs (including appeals), and judgments that exceed the limits of existing policies. 

Does It Protect My Home? 

Yes! Business umbrella insurance can provide additional protection for your home if used for business purposes. For example, if you work from home or operate a small business out of an office in your house, this business umbrella insurance policy will cover any liabilities related to those activities—as long as they are within the scope of the policy’s limits and exclusions.

Business umbrella insurance can provide an extra layer of protection for both businesses and homes in Astoria, OR. While it does not replace existing policies like homeowners or auto insurance, it offers additional coverage for certain types of liabilities related to a person’s work activities at home. Contact Linda Dugan Insurance today for more information and details about how business umbrella insurance might be right for you!

How To Incorporate More Activity Into Your Day

An excellent health insurance policy is only part of a solid health plan. The first line of defense should always be the proactive approach to preventing sickness in the first place. Here at Linda Dugan Insurance, we want to help you better understand how to improve your health overall in Astoria, OR, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more about improving your health by adding more activity to your day. 

Walk Instead of Drive 

It’s true that not everyone is located conveniently enough to walk where they need to go. Still, if you are in a location where walking to destinations is an option, you should take advantage of this. If you are about to hop in your car for any goal that would involve a five-minute or less car drive, why not consider walking instead? 

Active Entertainment 

We all love spending time with friends and family having fun, and being entertained, but why not look for active entertainment options? Spending time with your family doesn’t just have to look like a trip to the movies or some other activity that involves little movement. What about a family night of playing tennis at the local park or a hike? Swimming is another excellent activity that is healthy and fun. 

Do It The Old Fashioned Way 

No doubt modern technology has helped our lives in many ways. Still, on the flip side, technology has also removed many naturally occurring activities that previous generations enjoyed regularly. If you rely heavily on modern tech to do tasks for you, why not do things the old-fashioned way occasionally? For instance, have you depended on a riding lawn mower to do your lawn? How about switching to a push mower so that you get more healthy activity while doing this chore? Always throwing the laundry in the dryer? You could hang up your clothes to dry in the sunshine for a natural, energy-saving alternative that also works a lot of great activity in your day. 

If you want to learn about our health insurance services, don’t hesitate to contact us at Linda Dugan Insurance, serving Astoria, OR, and the surrounding areas.