The Myths of Home Insurance (and the Truth)

It’s difficult to define the myths of home insurance, mainly because home insurance simply isn’t talked about all that often. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of incorrect assumptions about it, and unfortunately, those assumptions are revealed after a disaster rather than before. Linda Dugan Insurance wants the people of Astoria, OR to know more about things work before it’s too late. 

You Don’t Need to Inventory Your Possessions

When you lose items for any reason covered under your home insurance policy, you’ll need to recall exactly what you had in the house in the first place. Making a full list of your possessions and keeping that list in a safe place makes it easier to get the reimbursement you need. 

You Don’t Need a Security System 

Thieves are everywhere, and they can do a lot of harm. Even if you think that your possessions simply aren’t worth taking, criminals can do expensive damage to the structure that will be difficult to repair without help. Your home insurance provider knows that a security system can do a lot for keeping them at bay, and will let their thanks be shown by keeping your rates reasonable. It’s an excellent long-term investment for everyone. 

You Can Call Your Home Insurance for Anything 

While you can call your home insurance, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the financial help you need. Home insurance doesn’t cover everything, so you may want to call someone who can walk you through what it does cover. Linda Dugan Insurance can go over the things that are most likely to happen to your home and maybe some less common scenarios that you may not have considered. Call to find out more about how our policies work if you live in Astoria, OR. 

Does it Cost More to Insure an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles can help you save some money. They don’t use gas, which is a huge cost saving. However, prior to buying one, you may wonder if it costs more to insure this type of vehicle. For the most part, it will cost more to insure an electric vehicle than a regular one. Here are two of the reasons why.

Electric Vehicles Cost More to Repair

If you are involved in an accident in your electric vehicle, it typically costs more to repair than similar damages in a regular gas vehicle. This is because the motor and battery in these types of cars are so expensive. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced, which can add up fast. Secondly, not every mechanic is trained to work on electric vehicles. As such, those who tend to charge higher labor costs because they have a skill set that not everyone else does. In turn, this causes vehicle repairs to increase.

Electric Vehicles Are More Expensive

The other reason electric vehicles cost more to insure is because they are more expensive. If one is stolen or totaled, the insurance company will have to pay more to you to replace the vehicle. Ultimately, this means that your insurance costs will be higher. This is generally the case with all vehicles; the more expensive it is, the more insurance will cost. As such, this is a factor you should keep in mind when selecting any car.

If you have recently purchased a new electric vehicle, or are in the market for one, Let Linda Dugan Insurance, serving the greater Astoria, OR area, a call today. The employees can help you find the right insurance for your vehicle at a price you can afford.