Why is Having Renters Insurance Important?

Is it important to have renters insurance coverage? This is a common question asked by many of our clients—and our answer at Linda Dugan Insurance is always a resounding yes! Here are two common reasons why renters insurance is vital if you rent where you live.

Renters Insurance Covers Your Personal Property

One of the most common reasons why tenants need renters insurance is to cover their personal property. This means that if a fire, theft, weather event, or other covered claim situation happens, they would have the ability to replace each damaged item accordingly without having to pay out an exorbitant sum out of pocket.

Looking at the facts, it is important to remember that landlords are not responsible for taking care of renter’s personal belongings in the event of an incident. By having a policy in force ahead of time, you can rest assured that you have the means to replace the items if something unexpected occurs.

Renters Insurance Helps Protect You Against Liability Claims

We’ve all heard of stories about people sued because a delivery person slipped and fell on a wet floor or a would-be robber tripped on some stairs and broke an ankle. While some of these stories may seem a bit extreme, they do happen.­

Most basic renters insurance policies have a special section of coverage called liability. This portion of the policy contract helps pays for claims like the ones mentioned, plus any other time someone is injured while visiting your home or as a direct result of your actions. Other examples of liability claims include your child damaging a neighbor’s property with a toy or even your normally docile dog biting someone at a local park. Failure to have liability coverage in place could mean you are responsible for damage and medical bills of others—plus, you could be sued.

As you can tell, these two reasons make having renters insurance quite important. For more information about renters insurance or to receive a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.

Follow These Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

Living in Astoria, Oregon is great. There are a lot of different adventures that you partake in, and you may even want to drive out of state periodically. Whether you stay in the state or go out, there are some tips that you can follow to extend the life of your vehicle.


Regardless of what your make or model is, there is a maintenance schedule that you need to follow. This includes having your engine checked on periodically. A properly tuned engine is going to result in less car problems, and a better fuel consumption.

Avoid Speeding

Don’t accelerate to more than 60 mph because it’s going to cost you more in gas. It can also result in needing to use your brakes more often, and this is going to have a negative impact on your braking system and overall performance for your vehicle.

Check Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure is something that should be checked on a regular basis. The PSI is suggested and is found on the interior of your driver’s door panel. If it is lower than it should be, it can make it easier for you to experience a tire blowout – which is not only dangerous, but expensive to repair.

Clear Out the Trunk

It may sound simple, and it really is. If you clear out the trunk, you can reduce the amount of weight and improve fuel economy as well as improve the overall alignment of your car.

At Linda Dugan Insurance, we can help you in many areas when it comes to your car. Let us help you find an affordable policy by calling today. One of our independent agents can ensure you get an affordable policy in Astoria so that you can feel safer when driving on the roads.