Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Because you’re so busy, it can be hard to keep your car clean. In Astoria, OR, the agents at Linda Dugan Insurance understand that keeping your vehicle clean can be manageable with a few quick tips.

Keep Microfiber Cloths Handy

Microfiber cloths are great for picking up dust. Keep one or two in the glove compartment or storage area in your vehicle. Wipe down the dashboard, steering column, radio controls, and the speedometer glass. Water isn’t necessary unless the layer of dust is extremely thick. This should be done at least once a week to avoid buildup.

Microfiber cloths can also be used to clean the inside of the windshield. After a time, the inner side of the windshield harbors a thin layer of film. This film should be cleaned every two weeks or sooner. Spray a small amount of either water or window cleaner on the cloth and clean the surface. This is also a good time to clean the review mirror.

Wet Wipes and Cotton Swabs

Keeping a small container of wet wipes can help you clean a liquid spill quickly. Of course, this is a temporary measure. If you spill coffee, the wipes can absorb some of the moisture immediately. You may need to go back later and catch some of the spillage that seeped into an area that is hard to reach.

You can purchase a travel size package of cotton swabs for your vehicle. They are useful when you need to clean out tiny hard-to-reach crevices, such as the corners of the cup holders or beneath the parking brake. Soak the tip with cleaning fluid and rub the stained areas.

At Linda Dugan Insurance, the independent agents in Astoria, OR can help adjust your current auto policy or start a new one.


Switching Home Insurnace Companies

There comes a time in the course of every homeowner’s life that they consider switching their home insurance coverage. There are some tips that can help you determine if it is time for a switch or just time to change your policy. If you are thinking of a switch and you live in the Astoria, OR area, the agents with Linda Dugan Insurance can help you change your policy to fit your specific needs.

So what might prompt a homeowner to change their insurance policy or their insurance company? The first thing is often going to be the cost of premiums each year. High premiums are almost always the deciding factor when it comes to changing companies. The real issue is figuring out if the change in premiums is worth the change in coverage.

In many cases, companies will offer lower premiums to newer customers. This means that changing your company might save you some money here and there. This, however, might not be the best thing to do as these lower costs nearly always fall off after you have been with the company for a long period. You also have to consider that being with a company for a longer period increases loyalty and also helps to increase the likelihood that you have a dedicated agent or that the insurance agency knows about your policy.

You also need to consider the fact that switching often to save a few dollars here and there on your policy might hurt your chances of a smooth transaction if you do have a claim. For all your questions if you live in the Astoria, OR area, the agents with Linda Dugan Insurance can better explain and help you make a switch if you so choose.