3 Benefits of Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance is a matter that affects all motorists universally. No matter what type of vehicle you have or how skilled of a drive you may be, auto insurance will still play a major factor in your ability to drive and maintain a vehicle. That said, the following is a closer look at three benefits of purchasing auto insurance. 

Lawsuit Avoidance

Firstly, one of the top benefits of having auto insurance is that it helps you avoid very costly lawsuits. If you are involved in an accident without coverage, you could be on the hook for thousands or maybe even millions! Purchase a high-quality lawsuit to avoid such things. 

Peace of Mind

In addition to that, maintaining an auto policy provides us with peace of mind. The road can be a scary place. This fear will only be magnified if you are driving without coverage. However, by purchasing an auto insurance policy, you will feel that much more confident while on the road. 

Protect your Health

Lastly, another top benefit of auto insurance is protecting your health. Given that there is always the potential of a serious accident occurring, auto insurance policies help by providing monies for medical bills and other things necessary for recovery.

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Will Auto Insurance Cover Vandalism?

Some Oregon motorists mistakenly believe all auto insurance plans pay for repairs to any kind of damage. The truth is that many policies only cover traffic accidents. If you want an insurer to pay for vandalism-related losses, you’ll need to buy extra coverage. You may be required to purchase it in some situations.

Comprehensive policies cover a variety of non-collision damage. In addition to vandalism, they often compensate drivers for losses linked to fires, hail, flooding or theft. Motorists usually buy this type of coverage in combination with collision insurance. It frequently appeals to owners of fairly recent or high-value vehicles. As with any insurance plan, actual compensation varies depending on the policy terms and the results of an insurer’s investigation.

Is it Required?

Oregon state law only calls for motorists to obtain liability coverage. However, the terms of some auto loans require drivers to purchase comprehensive insurance. Banks, credit unions and other lenders want to fully protect the value of borrowers’ cars. They know that it can become difficult to recover the borrowed funds if a storm, fire or vandals heavily damage a vehicle without the right coverage.

Making a Claim

Astoria, OR motorists should report car vandalism to the local authorities as soon as possible. Insurers normally want to see police reports before they pay for repairs. It’s wise to take photos and contact the insurer before visiting a repair shop. Drivers ought to take steps to prevent additional damage, such as protecting broken windows with plastic.

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