Tips For Organizing Your Closet

You probably have a lot more room in your closet than you realize. You can fit a lot more clothes and other items in there if you have it organized well and if you made use of the space that you have. Unfortunately, most of us do not use the space that we have wisely. This can make our closet look like a mess. There are some easy ways that you can fix this, though. Through some simple organization, your closet can be used for a lot more and look a lot better. Use our tips to get started and contact us at Linda Dugan Insurance for all of your insurance needs. 

  • Use tiered hangers. If you are using one hanger for each item of clothing that you are putting in your closet, then you are wasting a lot of space. You can make more room by using a tiered hanger that will allow you to put multiple items of clothing on one hanger. This will free up space for more hangers and will make your closet look a lot more organized.
  • Use an over the door shoe rack. If you have a lot of shoes, then it is likely that your shoes are all over your closet floor. This makes the closet look cluttered and is not a great use of the space you have. By using an over the door shoe rack, you can put your shoes on the door and get them off the floor. This will give you more space in the closet and on the floor for other items. 
  • Consider using shelves. If you do not have shelves and you have room for them, you may want to install them for extra storage space int he closet. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. 

3 Different Uses For Cleaning Supplies in Astoria

Cleaning supplies may not be your all-time favorite things to use around the house, but there’s a lot of value to them. There may be more to it than just what you read on the label though, so read on for 3 multi-tasking suggestions. 

Turning Window Washer Into a Stain Fighter 

Window washer may actually do a little more for your upholstery than you think. If you’ve run out of stain cleaners after you’ve spilled some red wine or chocolate on a couch or dining room chair, try this as an impromptu fix. 

Liquid Soap Moonlights as a Floor De-greaser, Weed Killer and Ice Pack 

Yes, you read that right. Wash down your concrete garage floors with liquid dish soap, or pour a tablespoon down a crack to get rid of some of your weeds alongside a cup of salt and a gallon of vinegar. Or you can use it as a cheap ice pack to place on sprained ankles or bug bites for a longer melt time than regular water. 

Oven Cleaners Are Great For White, Porcelain Tubs 

Unfortunately, if you don’t have this particular type of tub, this solution won’t work. However, this is perfect to get stains off if you do meet the requirements. Oven cleaner is strong stuff though, so ensure it just stays in the tub if you want your towels and shower curtains to stay intact. 

When you own a home, you have to make the investments of both your time and energy to keep it habitable. Linda Dugan Insurance serves the people of Astoria and helps find effective policies for all. If you’re shopping around for new insurance, then be sure to keep us in mind. Call us for a quote or if you have any questions!

Information You Need To Update Your Insurance

There is some information you should have available when you decide to update your insurance. Whether you are updating your auto insurance, homeowners, or anything else, having the details in front of you can simplify everything. Plus, it can ensure that you have all of the necessary coverage in Astoria, OR.

Current Policy Numbers

Have all of your policy numbers in front of you. This includes homeowners, auto, and any other insurance that you need to update. This will make it easier for an agent to find your policies in the system.

VIN and Other Auto Details

When you are updating auto insurance, it is important to have the VIN in front of you. Having various safety features that you have installed handy can also help, particularly to see if you qualify for any discounts.

Coverage Levels

Depending upon your current level of coverage, you may want to increase coverage in certain areas on homeowners insurance, auto insurance, or elsewhere. For example, if you recently installed a pool on your home or you were involved in an auto accident, it may be necessary to update your policy so that you have additional coverage moving forward. Talking with an agent can help you determine what level of coverage you need, and they can make recommendations to you.


Having your budget at your side when you are updating insurance is always a good idea. If for any reason, the policy goes up, can help you to decide whether you want to shop around for a new policy from a different insurance company.

Call Linda Dugan Insurance today and one of our insurance agents can help you with all of your necessary updates. We can get quotes on all of the different insurance policies that you need in Oregon.



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