What items on your boat does your boat policy cover?

Insurance for your boat in Astoria, OR covers more than just the boat itself. In this blog from Linda Dugan Insurance, we explain what personal property and items installed on the boat, such as radar and other navigational equipment, the policy includes.

The typical boat policy covers everything you install on the boat, plus the personal property you and your guests bring. If an accident occurs, your next-door neighbor’s iPhone receives the same coverage as your radar as long as your neighbor goes boating with you.

Many boat owners install radar and other navigational items on their boats. The typical boat policy covers these items. All the appliances get coverage if you set up a kitchen in the hold with a mini-fridge, toaster oven, and microwave. The fishing gear you bring, clothes, and other normal personal property all receive coverage under the policy.

What isn’t covered?

If you make improvements to your boat after your policy purchase, those don’t receive coverage until you update your insurance policy. Permanent boat improvements like new flooring in the hold or galley or upgrading the furnishings, such as the beds, require updated insurance.

Essentially, personal property coverage applies if you can bring it and then take it with you. If you install it permanently, it adds value to the boat, so you need to update your boat insurance to cover the new value of the ship.

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