Discover the Protection of Life Insurance from Linda Dugan Insurance Serving Astoria, OR

Life insurance doesn’t have to be a scary topic. The professionals at Linda Dugan Insurance Agency can help you get the protection your family needs. In Astoria OR, families’ will need support if one or both spouses die unexpectedly. When you begin considering a life insurance policy, there are many questions that you need to consider. For instance, how will your family pay for your final expenses and any debts that you have? Would you like to set aside money for your child’s future education? Are there charities that you would like to contribute to? All of these considerations will play in your decision making process regarding the type of life insurance policy works best for your family and the amount of coverage that you need. Also, you need to remember that there will be estate taxes and inflation will impact your family.

There are several types of life insurance available. Term life insurance is designed to cover an individual for a specific period of time. The premiums can be cost effective and are often renewable. However, these policies don’t build a case value over time and can become more costly with each renewal. 

Whole Life Insurance policies cover an individual throughout their entire life. While the premiums will be higher than a term life policy, they will remain consistent as long as the policy is active. Whole life insurance policies also build cash value. This gives you monies that you can borrow against if you need to.

The team at Linda Dugan Insurance are ready to help with your insurance needs. Their work serving Astoria, OR has established their reputation as experts in the field. Protect your family today!

How Commercial Auto Insurance Can Help Save

Commercial auto insurance is a necessity for any employee or employer that requires regular driving for the job. This could be running errands, shuttling people, or dropping off deliveries. Often, employers will have commercial insurance already in place for their employees if there is a chance they can be driving for work. Aside from protection people and their belongings, commercial auto insurance is also able to save the policy holder some money each year on their taxes. 

For a business, there are many business expenses that can be deducted each year on taxes and commercial auto insurance happens to be one of them. The reason this is able to be deducted from your taxes is because the insurance policy is covering your business for any damages, liability, and losses that may be suffered as a result of an accident while driving for work. The premium that you pay for your commercial insurance is able to be deducted as long as you use the cost method when trying to determine auto expenses. If you take the standard mileage rate deduction on your taxes you will not be able to also deduct the premium for commercial insurance.

At Linda Dugan Insurance, we understand that for a business every dollar counts and we want to make sure you are protected. Proudly serving the residents of Astoria, OR, Linda Dugan Insurance can help find the right commercial auto insurance policy to fit your business and needs. The residents of Astoria OR can have peace of mind because they know their personal belongings and medical will be covered in the event of an auto accident while driving for work. Having commercial auto insurance help save business owners on taxes is even more of an incentive to purchase a commercial policy today.