5 Tips for Cleaning Your Car in Astoria

If your car is dirty, you may not pay too much attention to the state of your interior. Crumbs and dirt aren’t going to kill you, so it’s a task you may put off time after time. However, accidents are caused for a number of reasons and objects in the car or poor visibility can distract you more than you realize. Here are 5 tips for keeping your car clean. 

1. Take Out the Trash

The wind moves in mysterious ways, and those ways can cause paper to fly everywhere — even in your face. Stick the trash bag where you’ll see it and remember to use it. 

2. Lessen Your Distractions 

How many times have you had your phone in your lap where it either fell or otherwise distracted you? Buy a phone holder for your car, or make one out of a large binder clip so you stay safe on the road. 

3. Drinks and Food 

If you run out of cup holders, don’t just throw your drinks on the floor. They can cause accidents by rolling into dangerous places, like under your brake pedal. Use a shower caddy to hold your fast food, and rolls of tape or even your shoe for drinks to cut down on edible threats. 

4. Headlights and Windows

You need clear headlights and windows to drive. When you’re at the pump, just make sure you get the grime off so you can see straight. You can also clean your headlights with window washing fluid so you stay bright. 

5. Clean Coverage 

Clean automobiles also need clean and up-to-date insurance policies. Linda Dugan Insurance serves Astoria, OR and provides information, assistance and coverage to the many drivers here. Call for a quote today to see what can be done for you.