Certified Umbrella Insurance Agents in Astoria, OR

There are many individual insurance policies that protect aspects of your life such as your house and car. These insurance policies have a liability portion that protects you from being financially responsible for incidents that are considered your fault, or occur on your property. The liability limits created by these policies depend on the type of insurance you have and several other factors with the policy. It’s possible that the liability limits are not sufficient for the lawsuit that is being put against you. This is particularly true in situations where wrongful death has occurred. Instead of running through your liability limits and having a personal financial impact shape your future, look into personal umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance refers to an insurance option that provides additional liability coverage for house and auto insurance. If you run through the limits on your own insurance, the umbrella portion kicks in and covers the rest. This is particularly useful if you have a tragedy occur in a car accident or with your pool or another structure on your property.

When you are setting up personal umbrella insurance, you want to look at the liability perils that it covers. These perils specify exactly what type of claims apply to this insurance option. You don’t want to be in the middle of a lawsuit to discover that your insurance isn’t going to pay the damaged party. That kind of issue leads to bankruptcy and other financial issues in the long run.

Talk to our certified umbrella insurance agents in Astoria, OR┬áto find out the best umbrella options for your life and policies. It’s one of the best ways to keep yourself safe.