Beyond Sunshine and Rainbows: The Benefits of Having Umbrella Insurance in Oregon

Life in Oregon can be unpredictable and unexpected events can cast a shadow over your financial well-being. Umbrella Insurance can shield you and your loved ones from the rain when dire circumstances strike! 

Linda Dugan Insurance can show you how umbrella insurance can shield you from unexpected storms and the benefits of having umbrella insurance in Astoria, OR. 

How Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Financial Well-Being

Umbrella insurance is an add-on insurance that extends the coverage limits in your existing home or auto insurance policy when you have a covered incident or claim. 

This backup insurance acts like a financial security blanket when the limits of your auto or home insurance policy run out. Knowledgeable insurance agents at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria can talk to you about the best umbrella insurance coverage.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance gives policyholders peace of mind when they know their most valued possessions are protected. 

Below are a few more benefits of Umbrella Insurance in Oregon.

  • Extended Liability Protection – umbrella insurance can extend liability protection on existing auto and homeowners insurance policies. 
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Options – get comprehensive coverage options for your home, auto, or watercraft with an umbrella insurance policy. 
  • Lawsuit Defense – get financial protection from legal claims. 

Licensed insurance agents can help you tailor an umbrella insurance policy to cover insurance-related claims like personal injury or property damage claims that can lead to spending thousands of dollars out of pocket for people without extended coverage.

Get Umbrella Insurance in Astoria, OR!

Don’t wait until you reach the limits of your auto insurance or homeowners policy! Contact an umbrella insurance agent at Linda Dugan Insurance and start an umbrella insurance policy to protect your most prized possessions today!