Oregon Apartment Complex Owners: How to Reduce Liability Risk and Save Money

Businesses in Oregon are not easy to run, especially when you are running an apartment complex and are responsible for tenants. You may know what to do to make your building attractive to potential renters, but do you know how to limit your liability exposure? Here are three tips:

Change Your Rental Agreements

As an apartment building owner, you have rental agreements between yourself and your tenants. In these agreements, it is important that you require your tenants to obtain and maintain their own liability coverage. Make sure that you require that they submit proof of insurance at the time of lease renewal, or every year. This helps to ensure that you are reimbursed for any damage that your tenants cause.

Add Indemnity Agreements and Waiver Clauses

Have your lawyer help you create a waiver of subrogation clause and an indemnity agreement to also include with the rental agreement for prospective tenants to sign and agree to. These will help you transfer any possible liability of injuries or damages to the tenant. These agreements will also help protect you from being named in a lawsuit for compensation for claims that are brought against the tenant.

Inspect the Buildings for Problems

Inspect all apartment buildings for any sign of a potential problem. This could be lighting issues, cracks in the sidewalk, items that someone could trip over, etc. If there is anything around that could cause injury to a child or an adult, it is crucial to have it repaired immediately.

Although you could do this on your own, it is always better to hire a professional who knows what he or she is doing and looking for. It may cost some money upfront for all this, but it will be a lot less than if you were found to be negligent in the future.

If you do not currently have liability insurance for your apartment complex or small business, then it’s time you sat down and talked with one of our independent commercial insurance agents in Oregon. You can get started with the above-mentioned tips, and then give us a call to finish up!