How do I add dental coverage to my health insurance policy?

If you live in the oldest city in Oregon, you know that Astoria, OR is the best place to live. You can see cruise ships on the Columbia River and sea lions sunbathing on the Port of Astoria. 

Even if you live in paradise, you need to have the right healthcare coverage. If you already have a policy from Linda Dugan Insurance, you already got to compare the different benefits you can get with different policies. Unfortunately, you may have realized that you don’t have the kind of coverage you need for dental or vision needs.

Two Ways To Get Dental Coverage

There is an open market now for healthcare insurance, but there are still many rules and procedures which must be followed. When it comes to dental coverage, there are basically two ways to purchase a policy:

  1. You can purchase a standalone policy which just takes care of your dental needs.
  2. You can purchase a health insurance policy with dental coverage either included or as an additional benefit which can be added on.

The main problem is that if you already have health insurance, there are only certain times you can add on this extra protection.

Open Enrollment

Many people are familiar with open enrollment because of jobs which had open enrollment for healthcare toward the end of the year, usually from around the beginning of November to the middle of December. Even marketplace insurance has this same restriction, and you will probably have to wait for your open enrollment in Astoria, OR before you can obtain a dental policy.

Healthcare coverage is one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family. If you are just beginning your search, or if you just have questions about your current coverage, call Linda Dugan Insurance today.