How to Implement Better Boat Safety in Astoria, OR

Getting out on the water in Astoria, OR is not exactly difficult. Your proximity makes it nearly impossible not to have some sort of watercraft available, so you can really make the most of your beautiful location. But water can be one of the most dangerous things on the planet if you’re not careful. Linda Dugan Insurance wants you to know more about how you can improve your boat safety long before you set out for an adventure. 

Think It Through 

Boat safety starts with really going through every scenario. From life preservers to escape routes to emergency services, you really need to think about the resources you have and how they can be applied in any given situation. Someone who can’t swim very well may need a very different plan than someone who was a former lifeguard. 

Repetition Works 

In an extreme situation, repetition is the best way to combat panic. The more people are afraid, the more likely they are to forget the plan. Going over the safety plan should be done regularly, ideally to the point where people can do it in their sleep. The more comfortable people feel with each scenario, the more likely it is that they’ll go into autopilot rather than overthinking every possible danger in front of them. 

Boat insurance can’t prevent every dangerous situation in Astoria, OR, but it can go a long way toward restoring your boat after something occurs. With the right help, you can get the repairs you need to keep your boat safe when it’s on the water. If you have questions about boat insurance, call Linda Dugan Insurance today to find out more about what kinds of policies are available to you and your watercraft.