How to Make a Boat Insurance Claim

A blown engine, a bent propeller, or a collision with another watercraft’s dock that leaves you stranded may quickly turn your fun out on the waters into a very frustrating situation. Linda Dugan Insurance provides various types of boat insurance coverage options in Astoria, OR and understands that you will want to get your claim settled as quickly as possible. If you find yourself in a watercraft accident:

  • Stop your watercraft and switch off its engine.
  • Confirm that all passengers are wearing life jackets, and then proceed to check whether anyone has been injured.
  • If the boat is flooding or sinking, ensure you turn on the bilge pumping system if the boat has one. Try to keep the boat afloat by using the manual bilge pumps.
  • Summon help using the emergency signals.
  • Where possible assist all the other passengers.
  • Exchange information with any other parties that were involved in the collision.
  • Ensure you take pictures so as to document the damages. You will need the pictures when making your claim.

How to Make a Boat Claim

You can start a claim by contacting or visiting your insurance provider’s offices. When getting in touch, ensure that you have your name, phone number, address, and policy number in handy. An insurance representative will collect all the necessary information and then review the coverage provided in your insurance policy. The agent will then provide you with information pertaining to your deductibles. You will also be taken through the claims process by the agent.

Claims Settlement and Closure

Minor claims are often handled over the phone or email and payments made immediately where possible. But depending on the level of damage, an insurance representative may have to inspect the vessel to determine the extent of the damages. A detailed estimate will then be provided.

Once the damages have been estimated, final payment will be made based on the terms of service. Any deductibles that you are responsible for will be subtracted before payment can be made. Amount sent to you is often based on the kind of coverage you have, as well as the damages that were sustained.

If you have any further questions on how to make a boat insurance claim in Astoria, OR, visit or call our Linda Dugan Insurance offices, and our boat insurance agents will be more than happy to serve you.