How Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Liability

When you have certain types of insurance, those policies come with several types of coverage in them. Home and auto policies have several types of coverage, one of which is liability protection. When you have both of these policies, you can actually get more coverage for them both by getting an umbrella insurance policy. When you need umbrella insurance in Astoria, OR, call us at Linda Dugan Insurance to learn more. 

More Liability Coverage

Your liability coverage protects you against things like medical bills that may be owed after an accident happens. When you’re in a vehicle accident, your auto insurance covers you against the other party’s injuries and damages with its liability coverage. When someone has an ancient in your home, your home insurance will do the same. However, these policies often don’t have enough coverage for an expensive accident. When this happens, there will be bill overages left to pay that you’ll have to come up with on your own. To cover those, you need an umbrella policy. It pays these bills, so you’re saved from what could be a financial emergency. 

How Umbrella Insurance Works

The home or auto policy will step in after the accident and will pay as much as it can based on the policy’s maximum payout. After that, the umbrella policy can pay whatever is left over. These policies have very high maximums to handle highly expensive accidents. This type of insurance is also relatively inexpensive. Many people find it to be a good value for getting so much coverage. It also gives you better peace of mind for those who worry about accidents and have enough insurance. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

It’s essential to have enough liability coverage for serious accidents. To get started with your umbrella policy and get this coverage, call us at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR.