Improve Your Winter Driving Skills

You should always be looking to improve your driving skills. As you drive throughout Washington, you may experience snow, ice, and even freezing rain. There are ways for you to improve your skills so that you can navigate the road in a more expert way, and reduce the chance of being involved in an accident.

One of the most important things to do to improve your driving skills is to have the right equipment. This includes having snow tires on your car. If you have 4-wheel drive, it can help with your traction, but don’t depend on it for everything. You still need to exercise caution when it comes to taking turns as well as braking.

Another thing you want to do is stock your car with supplies. This includes gloves and a hat, jumper cables, as well as a shovel. A flashlight can also be helpful if you encounter a problem at night.

Watch what is going on as you drive. Don’t look at the car in front of you only – look several feet ahead. There may be an animal getting ready to cross the road or there may be shadows from buildings or billboards that could be hiding a patch of ice.

Approximately 80% of collisions can be avoided simply by being more alert. Be ready for anything. By not following too closely, you can make sure you have enough room to brake without hitting the car in front of you, too.

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