Why does an Astoria OR business need commercial insurance?

If you have an interest in starting your own small business and being your own boss, finding the right place to start and grow your organization is very important. One great place for any small business owner is Astoria, OR. This area of Oregon has a great local economy and has a variety of policies that are favorable for businesses. If you are going to start a company in Astoria, OR, you need to have commercial insurance. 

Allows for Insurance Compliance

One reason why you will want to have commercial insurance is that it will allow you to comply with a variety of different agreements that you sign. Depending on how your business is capitalized and operated, you could have lenders, landlords, and investors that all want you to have commercial insurance due to the protections it provides to all stakeholders. Having a quality and full commercial insurance policy will help you to comply with this requirement

Keeps You Solvent

Even if you are not required to carry it, commercial insurance is a great option as it will help to keep you solvent during challenging situations. The commercial insurance will provide you with both property and asset protection as well as liability protection. This means you will have coverage if your assets are damaged in a fire, if they are stolen, or otherwise damaged. You will also have coverage if you are sued for liabiltiy. In either situation, it can help to keep you afloat during the hard times.

Choosing the right commercial insurance policy is a big choice. Because of this, you should call Linda Dugan Insurance to discuss your insurance needs. The team at Linda Dugan Insurance can help anyone to pick a policy that is right for their organization and gives the necessary types of protection. 

Insuring a Cabin, Lake Home, or a Vacation Home

If you are one of the lucky ones to own a home and also own a cabin, lake home, or a vacation home, do yourself a favor and do not risk your good luck by having your second home under-insured. Many people do not carry adequate home insurance, which puts them at risk of having a financial setback that may be substantial if something goes wrong. In many ways, owning a vacation home is even more challenging because there are additional risks if you leave a home empty or rent it to others.

Do you need a separate home insurance policy?

Depending on your insurance carrier, sometimes you can add a second home to an existing home insurance policy. Other times, the vacation home will need a separate home insurance policy.

If the vacation home is rented out for any part of the year, that is considered a commercial activity and you need special insurance coverage that is used for business. Each circumstance is different, so work with your agent at Linda Dugan Insurance, serving Astoria, OR and the surrounding area.

What about a caretaker?

There are also insurance considerations if you have a caretaker for the property that is different if they live on the property or if they just visit it to work on it. You may create an employer/employee relationship by having a caretaker work on the property and that means you might need workers’ compensation insurance. If the caretaker lives in a separate building structure on the property, like a guest house or in worker’s quarters, this structure may need insurance coverage as well.


Before buying a cabin, a lake home, or a vacation home or if you already own one, contact your agent at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR by calling us to get an insurance review and a quote for home insurance coverage of the new place.

Choosing an auto insurance deductible

One of the most important aspects of an auto insurance policy is the decision regarding how costs will be shared to pay for damage to the vehicle. This is generally factored into the deductible amount in every car insurance policy. Linda Dugan Insurance provides these services to the Astoria, OR area. 

The differences in deductibles

After a vehicle is involved in an accident and repairs must be made, the deductible essentially functions as an agreement between the driver and the insurance company about how costs will be divided. As a general rule, drivers who are willing to pay more after an accident happens should choose a higher deductible, while those who want to pay little or nothing out of pocket should go for a policy with a lower deductible. Policies with lower deductibles will usually have higher initial costs for the consumer. Usually, drivers with newer or more expensive cars generally want to have lower deductibles in most cases, while those with cars that start to become older and more worn will be less concerned with minor damage or the possibility of a car becoming a total loss after an accident. 

You deductible is also important because collision insurance is required if a car is financed by a bank or a loan. This means that every driver who has a loan must also have collision insurance and figure out what kind of deductible will work best for them. 

Talk with an auto insurance expert today

Contact an agent at Linda Dugan Insurance who serves Astoria, OR area for more information. They can tell you more about choosing a deductible or answer any more questions you may have about car insurance. 

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need to Insure My Snowmobile?

The agents at Linda Dugan Insurance offer toy insurance that can be used for a variety of recreational vehicles including snowmobiles and ATVs. When winter weather approaches, everyone in Astoria, OR who owns a snowmobile is ready to come out and play. Having the right insurance ensures that you are protected financially if an accident happens. 

The Benefits of Toy Insurance

Toy insurance offers several benefits for people who like to ride their snowmobiles and ATVs during the winter. Toy insurance can cover the costs of repairs if your toy insurance is damaged in an accident. It will also protect you if your snowmobile or other toy is stolen. Having the right type of insurance in place also gives you peace of mind and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a must if you plan on carrying passengers or riding with others on trails or cross-country. A liability policy will cover damage to another person’s property if you have an accident. It will also cover the medical expenses a passenger incurs if they are injured while riding with you. 

At Linda Dugan Insurance, the agents are ready to serve residents who live in the Astoria, OR area. They offer a variety of policies that cover all of your favorite toys. If you own a snowmobile, ATV, or any other type of vehicle that you use for recreational purposes, call and talk to an agent today. With their guidance, you can find the right toy policy to protect your investment and give you the peace of mind you are looking for. 

Why Should Someone in Astoria Get Boat Insurance

Living in the Astoria, OR area is a great idea for anyone that loves being outside and enjoying nature. If you do live in this area, getting a boat could be a great option as it will allow you to enjoy all of the local waterways to the fullest. If you are going to buy a boat in this area, you need to make sure that you get a quality boat insurance policy in place.


One reason why you may want to get boat insurance in Georgia is that it may be a requirement for you. If you took out a boat loan to buy your boat and still have a balance, having boat insurance will undoubtedly be a requirement under the loan agreement. If you do not have evidence of insurance, you could be held in default and face any associated remedies. The boat insurance may also be required in certain local marinas and waterways in the Astoria area.

Gives Valuable Protection

Even if there are no agreements or regulations that require you to have boat insurance, it is still a good idea that you have it at all times. When you do have boat insurance, it will provide you with coverage for your boat as well as liability coverage. Both of these forms of insurance will be able to protect you during some challenging situations. 

If you are shopping for a boat in the Astoria, OR area, you should also start looking for boat insurance. The insurance team at Linda Dugan Insurance should be the first people that you call when you need a new boat insurance policy. When you speak with the professionals at Linda Dugan Insurance, you can learn more about your coverage options, which will help you to pick a policy that gives you the right type and level of coverage. 

What is Flood Insurance and Do I Need It?

Water is often seen as a good thing, but too much water in the wrong place, like in your home in Astoria, OR, can cause great financial losses. Here are some helpful facts about flood insurance from Linda Dugan Insurance.

I Don’t Live Near the Water. Do I Need Flood Insurance? 

Homeowners who live in flood-prone areas are required by their mortgage lenders to have flood insurance in their homes. However, over 20 percent of flood claims come from people whose homes lie outside the areas labeled as high risk for flooding. Additionally, things like development and wildfires can influence flooding, and your home may be more likely to flood than you may realize. Flood insurance can help you recover financially if you experience a flood. 

Won’t My Homeowners or Renters Policy Cover Flood Damage?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their standard homeowners or renters insurance policies will not cover damage due to flooding. To be insured for flooding, homeowners must buy an additional flood policy. 

Can I Buy Flood Insurance Privately?

In past years, flood insurance was largely available through the federal government. However, flood insurance is now available through a variety of private insurers. If you desire flood insurance, you can have your home, business, and possessions protected from flood damage when you purchase a flood insurance policy from an insurance agent.

How Soon Can I Get Coverage?

You can’t wait until a storm is on the way to purchase a flood policy. Often, flood policies have a 30 day waiting period before they are effective. If you think you might need a flood insurance policy, you should call your insurance agent right away.

If you have questions about flood insurance in the Astoria, OR area, you can contact Linda Dugan Insurance. These professionals will answer all your questions and determine whether or not a flood insurance policy makes sense for your situation.

RV Insurance: How It Works

Did you just purchase an RV for your family’s next vacation? Before you hit the road, it is time to review your policies with Linda Dugan Insurance and make sure that your RV has the right coverage for how you intend to use it.

Is RV Insurance a Separate Policy?

That all depends on the type of RV you purchased in the Astoria, OR area. If your mobile vacation home is a travel trailer or fifth-wheel, you will add RV insurance to your truck or SUV that is towing the trailer. If you purchased a mobile home such as a Class A, Class B, or Class C, the policy will be a modified version of an auto insurance policy.

Basic Coverage: What It Protects

If you opt for the lowest RV insurance policy, it provides protection for the physical RV such as the structure, roof, wheels, lights, and brakes. Almost every other powered system like the A/C inverter or refrigerator and your possessions are generally not part of this basic protection. If you take an inventory of all the extras that you add to your rolling cabin, that leaves a large investment that is at risk in the case of an accident on the highway.

Getting the Right Insurance

When you sit down with an agent from Linda Dugan Insurance, make sure you discuss how you intend to use your new RV. Are you renting a space at the local Astoria OR campground for the year or are you hitting the highway? If you will be on the road full-time, make sure to expand your collision section and include bumper-to-bumper replacement value. If you are renting a pad and adding a deck and outdoor kitchen, ask about extra liability that offers protection against damage to your summer getaway.

Who needs to carry umbrella insurance

In the same way that an umbrella protects you from rainy weather, an umbrella insurance policy protects your finances for all the storms of life. An umbrella policy provides liability protection above the basic limits of your home and auto policy. Accidents happen and these days the resulting litigation can result in huge settlements and expenses. In Astoria, OR, Linda Dugan Insurance has experienced agents who can help you to decide if you need to carry umbrella insurance. 

Umbrella insurance known as excess liability insurance adds an additional layer of liability insurance.  If your assets are more than just basic this may be important protection that you need. Your home is most likely the largest investment that you will ever make. Normal limits of home insurance liability are pretty basic and can give you a false impression of security.

When someone is injured while visiting your home or in of an automobile accident where you are at fault, they can sue you for damages. Basic liability coverage could leave your assets in jeopardy.  An umbrella policy raises liability limits to a more financially acceptable amount.

If a case is filed against you, your umbrella insurance will offer assistance with legal costs which these days can be very high. Things such as a pet or a pool raise your risk level.  An umbrella policy can help to protect the assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate and also the future assets that you may accumulate. You will be able to sleep better at night knowing that you have secured your future. 

If you live in or near Astoria, OR why not stop by the office of Linda Dugan Insurance or give us a call. We have agents who are knowledgeable in umbrella insurance coverage and will be happy to discuss this with you.

How do I add dental coverage to my health insurance policy?

If you live in the oldest city in Oregon, you know that Astoria, OR is the best place to live. You can see cruise ships on the Columbia River and sea lions sunbathing on the Port of Astoria. 

Even if you live in paradise, you need to have the right healthcare coverage. If you already have a policy from Linda Dugan Insurance, you already got to compare the different benefits you can get with different policies. Unfortunately, you may have realized that you don’t have the kind of coverage you need for dental or vision needs.

Two Ways To Get Dental Coverage

There is an open market now for healthcare insurance, but there are still many rules and procedures which must be followed. When it comes to dental coverage, there are basically two ways to purchase a policy:

  1. You can purchase a standalone policy which just takes care of your dental needs.
  2. You can purchase a health insurance policy with dental coverage either included or as an additional benefit which can be added on.

The main problem is that if you already have health insurance, there are only certain times you can add on this extra protection.

Open Enrollment

Many people are familiar with open enrollment because of jobs which had open enrollment for healthcare toward the end of the year, usually from around the beginning of November to the middle of December. Even marketplace insurance has this same restriction, and you will probably have to wait for your open enrollment in Astoria, OR before you can obtain a dental policy.

Healthcare coverage is one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family. If you are just beginning your search, or if you just have questions about your current coverage, call Linda Dugan Insurance today.

Make sure your commercial equipment is covered

Owning a business can sometimes require a substantial investment in tools and equipment. If you have a lot invested in your company’s assets it only makes sense to have adequate protection in the event that they are lost, stolen, or damaged. There are many different commercial insurance policy options, and when you sit down with the team at Linda Dugan Insurance we can work with you to get the protection that your Astoria, OR area business requires.

Correct coverage for your commercial equipment

Owning a lot of equipment is part of operating a lot of different types of companies, and some of the inventory that you have maybe specialized and custom-made. Even with equipment that is not specialized, if it is necessary for your workflow, its value can be immeasurable to the health of your business.  Commercial equipment valuations can differ from other property calculations because adjustments must be made to consider the value of lost production in the event that they become inoperable due to a covered event.

There are many different nuances that must be taken into consideration when choosing your policy, and it makes sense to work with an agent who understands this reality. Don’t overlook how important this coverage can be until it’s too late. Imagine if the impact to your bottom line if there is an event that takes your equipment offline for days or even weeks at a time! Protect your equipment and your bottom line with the right insurance.

Your commercial equipment requires an insurance policy that takes its value into account while making allowances for depreciation. Linda Dugan Insurance is here to help you protect your Astoria, OR business. Call or stop by today to review the options that are available to protect your business equipment.