Prepare for Pipes That May Break In Winter

When Americans move from warmer, more southern locations to colder, more northern locations, they experience new stuff that happens because of the cold. Sometimes cars do not start – If the car battery is too cold, it does not even make enough of an electrical charge to create a spark in the spark plugs that is necessary to fire up the engine.

Water pipes burst – Water expands when cooled down to the temperature that forms ice. This is surprising for those that move from Florida to Oregon. When the water in the house pipes freezes, it sometimes breaks the pipes in the walls. The water stops flowing, at first, and then when the temperature warms up a bit, the house is flooded from water escaping from broken pipes in the walls.

In heavy winter snowstorm, there may be such strong snowfall that blocks the exit so it is not even possible to leave the house. Then what do you do?

A superb insurance agent like Linda Dugan Insurance helps new arrivals to Oregon, with great advice on how to deal with the colder temperatures. Home insurance is available to protect from unexpected damage, but with a little common sense advice that comes from Linda, new residents to Oregon can find ways to lessen any damage from the colder temperatures that they may not be used to experiencing.

Extra Protection is Necessary in Oregon

Please consult with Linda for insurance for RVs, snowmobiles, boats, golf carts, and any of your other insurance needs for home, life, healthcare, or property protection.

She is an expert in living a happy lifestyle in Oregon. She provides the protection her clients need, especially if they are not familiar with the specific problems that come from the cold weather and the major disasters that may come from pipes breaking.

Linda is an Independent Insurance Agent that is highly trusted for her expertise and confident in helping families avoid serious financial calamities.