Three advantages you’ll enjoy by investing in umbrella insurance today

Taking out an umbrella insurance policy can benefit consumers in Astoria, OR in numerous ways. We provide umbrella insurance coverage at Linda Dugan Insurance. 

The following are three advantages you can enjoy by investing in umbrella insurance today.

Umbrella insurance offers greater financial security.

You face financial risks if you don’t carry umbrella coverage. You could face a liability lawsuit that could end up costing you a great deal.

Umbrella insurance provides you with financial security. With this type of coverage, you keep your finances more stable regardless of what happens down the road. 

Umbrella insurance protects your net worth.

Those who have a lot of assets to protect are especially at risk of being targets for lawsuits. Unfortunately, your net worth can be severely decreased or even wiped out quickly if you face a lawsuit.

With umbrella insurance coverage, you’re protecting your assets. If you do face a costly lawsuit, your umbrella insurance coverage will cover the costs. This way, you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket and lose your hard-earned assets as the result of a lawsuit. 

Umbrella insurance prevents unexpected financial setbacks.

It’s good to be able to plan for the future. Unfortunately, your plans for the future can fall apart quickly if you face a lawsuit and you don’t have umbrella insurance coverage.

With umbrella insurance coverage, you minimize the chances that you’ll face a severe financial setback. You have coverage to fall back on if an unexpected accident occurs for which you are held liable. 

We can provide you with more helpful information on the many advantages umbrella insurance coverage can offer you in Astoria, OR. Contact us at Linda Dugan Insurance to learn more.