Three things to know about how umbrella insurance works

Some consumers neglect to purchase a good umbrella insurance policy in Astoria, OR simply because they don’t understand exactly how these policies work. At Linda Dugan Insurance, umbrella insurance is one of the types of insurance we offer.

Consumers should know the following things about how umbrella insurance works.

Umbrella insurance covers costs if you are involved in an accident that costs you more than your existing insurance maximums.

You were probably already aware of the fact that your auto and home insurance policies have some coverage limits. Perhaps you have wondered what happens if you’re sued or involved in an accident that costs you more than these limits. 

Such a scenario can easily deprive a consumer of all of their savings. However, umbrella insurance will cover a policyholder for amounts over the coverage limits of their existing policies. Umbrella insurance offers consumers complete peace of mind regarding their liabilities and many of their financial risks. 

Umbrella insurance protects both property and possessions. 

Some auto and home insurance policies will only protect the property of the policyholder. However, umbrella insurance coverage will apply to not only the policyholder’s property but the policyholder’s possessions as well. 

Umbrella insurance coverage extends to the policyholder’s additional household members. 

Another huge advantage regarding how umbrella insurance policies work is that they typically extend their coverage to all of the household members of the insured individual. The coverage provided is not limited to the policyholder alone. This significantly increases the amount of coverage such a policy provides. 

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