Why does Location Impact my Car Insurance?

When people in Astoria, OR look for car insurance, there are a few factors that everyone expects to impact their car insurance rates. For example, people with better driving records are likely to receive better rates on their car insurance; however, there are also a few factors that impact car insurance premiums that people aren’t expecting. One of these commonly overlooked factors is location. Location actually plays a big role when insurance companies calculate premiums for car insurance in Astoria, OR. Read below to figure out why!

Everyone understands that certain locations are safer than others. In fact, locations that are safer to live in will receive a lower car insurance rate. It makes sense that a car parked in a safe area has a lower chance of being broken into. This means that insurance companies are less likely to have to pay out claims for car theft and damage in this location. They will reward a car living in this location with a lower insurance rate. Consider the safety of an area before moving because it impacts the well-being of the family as well as car insurance rates.

In addition, some areas have significantly higher costs of living than others. When the cost of living drives up the cost of goods, the cost of car insurance will rise as well. If people are worried about their car insurance rates, they should avoid moving to an area with a high cost of living. Property taxes and real estate taxes will all impact car insurance rates.

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