Why should you have a life insurance cover?

When it comes to securing a future for your loved ones, it does not matter whether you are a resident of Astoria, OR or Texas. Everybody feel obligated to give their loved ones a good life even after they pass on. That is only possible if you buy a life insurance cover. As a resident of Astoria, Linda Dugan Insurance gives you the necessary advice and knowledge before selling the covers to you.

Among the reasons you should buy a life insurance cover include;

To cover children’s expenses

As a guardian or a parent with kids depending on you, you will want to know that nothing will come between your kids’ education. Life insurance helps pay school fees for children whose parent had bought a cover after his or her death.

To pay off significant debts

Through life insurance policies as offered by Linda Dugan Insurance, in the event of death, the benefits can help the family members who are left behind clear big debts like mortgages which can be such a burden when one spouse or the family breadwinner passes on.

To help with burial expenses

The benefits that the family receives after the death of a partner or a parent can also be used to clear major medical bills and funeral expenses if the family cannot cater for them. The remaining portion of the money can be used to supplement the income of the surviving spouse till they coup with the needed economic adjustment.

Buy business share

After the death of a business partner, your life insurance cover pays a significant role in helping you keep the business afloat without selling it. You can use the money to buy his or her shares. It is worth noting that you can purchase a term life insurance cover or whole life cover depending on your needs and capability.