Do You Need RV Insurance for Towable RVs?

If you drive a vehicle that tows an RV behind it, you may wonder if that towed RV needs its own insurance policy. It’s a good question that is commonly overlooked.

Linda Dugan Insurance serving Astoria, OR knows that you have insurance questions. If you want to know if your towed RV needs its own policy, here’s what you need to know.

Towable RVs May Be Covered By Your Auto Policy

When you have an RV that you tow, your auto insurance policy may already cover it. However, in many cases, only some coverage applies to the RV. For example, you might have collision coverage, but it may not cover the personal belongings inside the RV.

Towable RV Lenders May Require RV Policies

You may also need RV insurance for an RV that you tow if you are paying a loan on it. Lenders may require that you have special insurance that covers the replacement cost of the RV if it is totaled. Lenders also often require that you have comprehensive and collision coverage for your RV, even if you do not have it for your car.

Motorhomes Require Separate Policies

Everything changes if you get an RV that you can drive. When you operate an RV separately from another vehicle, it must have its own insurance policy. At the very least, you need to have liability insurance to cover any damage you cause.

Get RV Insurance to Protect Yourself

Linda Dugan Insurance, which provides insurance services to the residents of Astoria, OR, can help you determine what kind of insurance policy is right for your RV. Contact an insurance professional today to get the right policy.