How Boat Insurance Is Impacted Through Traveling Abroad

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How Boat Insurance Is Impacted Through Traveling Abroad

During periods of warm weather in Astoria OR, many people enjoy heading out by the lake on their boats. Unfortunately, operating a boat may be more dangerous than it seems. There could be an accident at any moment. You could get caught at sea while serious weather is approaching. Consider the benefits of boat insurance. Boat insurance covers you while you’re on the water. You are protected if your boat is involved in an accident with another watercraft or object. You are also covered if your boat is stolen or damaged by severe weather. Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for damaging someone’s property or injuring another person. You are also protected if one of your passengers on the boat suffers an injury.

If you are planning an exciting vacation by traveling abroad on your boat, you have to do some research. If you are operating your boat on foreign waters, research the country’s maritime rules. You may need to obtain a permit or visa in order to operate your boat on foreign soil. There is no clear jurisdiction regarding international travel. Check your policy to see if the navigational limits still apply. The navigational limits outline the areas where you can operate your vehicle and still maintain coverage if something happens.

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