Do You Really Need Flood Insurance? Yes, And Here’s Why

Did you know that less than 20 percent of homeowners in the United States have proper flood insurance? Among those unprepared are property owners in high flood areas where destruction by water is not only common but more like a holiday season. You may not believe that you need flood insurance in Astoria, OR. You may, however, want to reconsider such thoughts after reading these facts about homeowners’ insurance regarding flooding. Linda Dugan Insurance is here to help with all of your flood insurance needs!

Doesn’t homeowners’ insurance cover floods?

Your homeowners’ insurance policy may pay for water damage if a pipe breaks in your home and destroys your valued possessions. A standard homeowner’s indemnity plan will not cover water damage caused by natural disaster. You are out of luck if a hurricane comes to town and you lack flood insurance. Imagine yourself paying into a plan that, in the end, does not work as you thought it would. Such is the case when you rely on homeowners’ insurance to cover flooding caused by natural disasters in Astoria, OR. 

What does flood insurance cover?

A flood insurance policy can pay for the following:

  • Damage to the physical structure of your property
  • Electrical systems in your home
  • Plumbing disruptions caused by major flooding
  • Personal possessions such as computers, televisions, and large kitchen appliances
  • Moisture and mold buildup caused by flooding

It may also be possible to receive reimbursement for relocation if your home is inhabitable after a flood. Such protection is vital when tragedy strikes suddenly and funds are limited. 

How do you purchase a policy?

Flood indemnity plans typically come with the backing of the federal government. You need to speak with a skilled agent to fully understand all that flood insurance entails and to find the policy that best fits your lifestyle. Contact Linda Dugan Insurance today to get started with a quote!