Insuring a Cabin, Lake Home, or a Vacation Home

If you are one of the lucky ones to own a home and also own a cabin, lake home, or a vacation home, do yourself a favor and do not risk your good luck by having your second home under-insured. Many people do not carry adequate home insurance, which puts them at risk of having a financial setback that may be substantial if something goes wrong. In many ways, owning a vacation home is even more challenging because there are additional risks if you leave a home empty or rent it to others.

Do you need a separate home insurance policy?

Depending on your insurance carrier, sometimes you can add a second home to an existing home insurance policy. Other times, the vacation home will need a separate home insurance policy.

If the vacation home is rented out for any part of the year, that is considered a commercial activity and you need special insurance coverage that is used for business. Each circumstance is different, so work with your agent at Linda Dugan Insurance, serving Astoria, OR and the surrounding area.

What about a caretaker?

There are also insurance considerations if you have a caretaker for the property that is different if they live on the property or if they just visit it to work on it. You may create an employer/employee relationship by having a caretaker work on the property and that means you might need workers’ compensation insurance. If the caretaker lives in a separate building structure on the property, like a guest house or in worker’s quarters, this structure may need insurance coverage as well.


Before buying a cabin, a lake home, or a vacation home or if you already own one, contact your agent at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR by calling us to get an insurance review and a quote for home insurance coverage of the new place.